Pro Installer May 2015 - Issue 26 ISSUE 26 | MAY 2015 FREE » 41 Spotlight on Truemans » 47 Eco-friendly roofing » 50 Radically new window » 55 Addressing industry bullying Cornering the Market Another plus from plastic glazing component manufacturer, Glazpart, comes in the form of its well established Flexi Corner Glazing Wedges. The wedge has been specifically designed to replace Flat Corner Packers and give fabricators and installers further assistance in ensuring that IGU’s are located positively and toe Page 2. Britain enters a new political era. Page 61. Young people downbeat about career prospects. and heeled correctly, which is essential for large or moving units. The Flexi Corner Glazing Wedge should be used in conjunction with Glazpart Wedge Packers and the Glazpart Glazing Shovel to obtain a tighter fit. This eliminates the need for silicone on the vertical block to retain the wedge, as they automatically locate. Supplied flat, to save fabricators and installers space whilst storing, the Flexi Corner Glazing Wedge can be ‘snapped’ in to place, using Glazpart’s patented flexi-snap lock mechanism, which engages the wedge to create a 90 degrees angle. Once the IGU is correctly located into the frame, the wedges are tapped into place both horizontality and vertically, securing the unit. Not only is the installation of the glazed unit faster, the packers are installed in the correct position 60mm from the frames corner as detailed in the requirements of BS:6262, which in turn reduces the number of call backs for dropped glazed units. The packers come in a variety of sizes to suits 20mm to 32mm glass widths, 1mm to 5mm stack heights and to suit 60mm and 70mm profile sections, however in some cases Glazpart also offer profile specific flexible Corner Glazing Wedges - speak to the Glazpart sales team for details! Glazpart’s product range covers a wide range of packer styles and sizes. The Flexi Corner Wedge Packer is part of the company’s ‘Packers for Professionals’ branded range of products, available from national stockists. For further details visit stockists