Pro Installer March 2016 - Issue 36 ISSUE 36 | MARCH 2016 FREE » 04 The magic of marketing » 06 New Eurocell boss » 15 Sovereign opens its doors » 39 FIT Show preview BUCKING THE Spring special ‘COWBOY’ Outdoors comes in Page 28 STEREOTYPE Research from AXA Insurance* bucks the ‘cowboy builder’ stereotype, but finds tradesmen and women are under-rated by their customers and suffer from unfavourable typecasting. Despite acknowledging positive personal experiences, 60% of people surveyed said it’s fair to label trades people as ‘cowboys’ or ‘rogue traders,’ and 20% said they’re afraid of being ‘ripped off’ when they need work done. Yet the survey findings paint a different picture, and show the UK’s tradesmen and women to be reliable, skilled, helpful and even kind. Most people say they’re happy with work About 38% step up to save the nation’s done in their homes, and almost three quarDIY disasters, and the average tradesman ters have longstanding relationships with spends 22% of his week – that’s 80 days a one or more trusted tradesmen or women year - fixing other people’s mistakes. they’d recommend to others. Around 81% of tradesmen say they work AXA’s research reveals that 82% of the unpaid from time to time and they’ll take on UK’s builders, painters, plumbers, joiners extra tasks to help out someone in need. and electricians regularly go above and beyond the call of duty, completing small Continues on page 2 extra tasks at no charge. Pro-Installer_cover_mft_FIT_pre-show_advert.pdf 1 10/02/2016 13:11 EXCITING NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH C • Innovative Design M Y CM MY Van road test - new feature. P52. Lift your brochure from so-so to special. P27. CY CMY Darren Sansom, MD of AXA Business Insurance Game changing • Priced to Sell • One Tool Construction • Fitter Friendly VISIT US ON STAND 260 K