Pro Installer March 2015 - Issue 24 ISSUE 24 | MARCH 2015 FREE » 32 Financial planning advice » 33 Social media business tool » 37 UK training insufficient » 47 Election hinders growth Packers for professionals Glazpart is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of plastic glazing components and has a reputation for supplying quality packers to every stage of the fenestration process. Millions of Glazpart’s packers are sold every month both direct and through trade counters nationally. Glazpart’s product range is vast, extending from a huge collection of time saving flat packers; helping to align glass unitsto flexi corners; one of the best products to help toe and heel glazed units. Installers looking for the right plastic glazing product for the job, can search for one of Glazpart’s trade counter stockists by visiting a simple to use online locator; Just type in a location and find the nearest stockist, they can also scan the QR code on the site to download the page and access information at the touch of a button on a smartphone. ‘installers don’t have to worry about not having the right products to complete a job’ Glazpart offers a range of deals so installers don’t have to worry about not having the right prod- ucts to complete a job. Glazpart has recently launched ‘Packers for Professionals’, a range of prepacked branded packers and other glazing consumables, available in convenient packs of 100. Installers are able to pick and choose from a full range of smaller packs, rather than carrying unnecessary amounts of packers. The full range can be found displayed through a Glazpart local stockist. Flat Packers – As installers know there are some sizes of packers that are used more than others. Continues on page 02 Conservatory Roofs Straw eco homes could cut heating bills. Page 4. Going from strength to strength. Page 23. 15% F ORFIRST YOU F Lowest Prices Anywhere ROOF* * Offer available to new customers only and does not apply to glass. FREE NATIONWIDE SITE DELIVERY Get a price comparison today! Tel: 01642 610799 Fax: 01642 615854 made for trade