Pro Installer June 2016 - Issue 39 ISSUE 39 | JUNE 2016 FREE » 04 Growth for fabricators » 05 Home for a hero » 19 Showrooms spice up image » 25 London needs ‘radical solution’ TIME AND MONEY SAVER The Glazpart trade counter range has a new alternative innovation for fitting windows – in the shape of TruFit®. This product is a pre-compressed expanding foam edge tape that replaces expanding foam and sealants providing an effective thermal barrier around the window and door. Because the expansion happens gradually over the following 24 hours, it finds all the nooks and crannies that instantaneously expanding foam doesn’t reach. This ensures true energy rating performance and a longlife weather seal. Thermal imaging analysis has shown how much heat can be lost at the edge of windows installed using standard methods. When the same windows were fitted using TruFit® sealing tape, an average of 23% less heat was lost. Whether it’s a Chartwell green or golden oak window, going into brickwork, blockwork, render or natural stone, TruFit® looks good. It fills the gap around the window and the wall perfectly which adds a defined shadow-groove to the installation. No trims are needed which make it ideal for specialist windows including sliding sash and flush sash where trims detract from the more traditional look. And it’s not just the installation that looks good. It’s also really clean to use. There’s no messy silicone which means clothes stay cleaner and that helps in- ‘with TruFit®, it’s just fit and forget. You get a perfect, straight line that’s really pleasing to the eye.’ stallers look more professional. The costs for using TruFit® are easy to work out - it’s an amount per metre and that’s it. Looking at the numbers, it can actually work out cheaper to use TruFit® than using screws, foam, silicone and covering with plastic trims. On foiled and coloured windows the savings are even bigger, because no expensive coloured trims are needed. It’s quicker to install too even in the rain, with virtually no waste. Glazpart customer and user of Trufit® West Country Windows said TruFit made a real difference. Continues on page 2 Is your supplier letting you down ? from only Selco on superbikes. P35. Brits lagging on security. P42. £ ££ GET A PRICE COMPARISON TODAY PRO-INSTALLER_front_page_bifolds_may2016.indd 1 £365 + vat per leaf Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Tel: 01642 610798 Fax: 01642 671026 21/04/2016 14:27