Pro Installer June 2015 - Issue 27 ISSUE 27 | JUNE 2015 FREE » 02 Industry slows post election » 20 Safety standards » 45 Minecraft closing skills gap » 57 Fire safety warning Proving an allround solution Proving to the market that Glazpart has the complete glazing component solution for every eventuality; its ‘Packers for Professionals’ range includes hand tools to make sure installers fit a perfect window or door. The Glazpart glazing shovel is a definite ‘must have’ tool for any installer or trade person fitting glazed units. The key application for the product is for the professional installation of insulated glazing units, providing a sturdy lever to help insert glazing units in to their frame. Manufactured from a heavy duty plastic com- pound, the glazing shovel gives users the ideal handle length to position the shovel comfortably into the corners of the window or door frame to lift and lever the glazed unit, making ‘toe and heeling’ effortless; the ridges on the plate of the shovel are designed to increase the grip on the glazed unit to prevent slipping. Glazpart sales and marketing manager, Dean Bradley P58. Second budget coming next month. P61. UK creating most jobs in EU. explains: “The Glazpart glazing shovel is an essential part of any installer’s tool kit. As a leading supplier of glazing packers and accessories, we look to offer customers the opportunity to obtain a complete and comprehensive range of products to help them do the job right. “All our products are manufactured to the highest quality, and customers are given confidence of our ability to live up to this quality from our 30 years of business in the glazing industry.” Dean adds. The shovel measures approximately 255mm in length by 69mm wide, and with the perfect angle to ease the IGU in to its correct position. The glazing shovel is part of Glazpart’s ‘Packer for Professionals’ branded range of products, which offer installers and builders the opportunity to purchase low volumes of window and door packers and wedges, specifically to suit their stocking requirements. ‘Packer for Professionals’ product range covers a wide range of packer styles and sizes and is sold exclusively through national stockists. Stockists are also given the option to own brand their shovels. For further information visit stockists