Pro Installer July 2016 - Issue 40 - Page 9

9 PRO INSTALLER JULY 2016 PRO NEWS @proinstaller1 FABRICATOR GROWS FROM £7M TO £11M TURNOVER The last three years have been eventful for trade fabricator Dekko Window Systems. Highlights include growing from £7m to £11m turnover, moving from a 25,000 square foot square factory into a new 55,000 square foot factory, and being named as one of the 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain in the recent London Stock Exchange report. So what’s the secret? Quality products and great customer service has always underpinned the Dekko business philosophy, but according to sales director Kurt Greatrex, clever marketing has played a big part in the company’s growth too. Kurt at Dekko “The senior management team have all worked in the window industry a long time, and prior to forming Dekko we all agreed that we needed to offer quality products and have a ‘right first time’ attitude if we want to succeed. We adopted this approach from day one, and for the first few years we grew organically, winning business through word of mouth with very little marketing. In 2013 we decided we wanted to kick things up a notch, so we contacted Purplex. I’ve known Andrew Scott since his days at Cambrian Windows, and I wanted to tap into the vast marketing resources on offer at Purplex and start &6rW"&fPB'VFrW"'&B( ХW'W&Vv''VFrFVWrvV'6FR&GV6r"f"FRG&FP&W72BvrFPV&WFr7G&FVwB2W'BW2FP&W7VG2vW&R7FFVW2( vR&V6VfVBfW"VG2g&W"f'7BR6Bv6v2&FrW Wr&W6FV6R&vRBvRfV( BV@&666R( W'BWVB( F2FFR"@F&V7B&WFrWfW'R6VV2Fr&W@FVBF22FPƖfRV6V6W"f"W 6W2FVv^( &RBF6rF( 6N( VG2&P$DU"%РtUBBUBDBW"6fW'6&FW0&R&WGFW"2&W7VB( ФfW"FRV'2FVBW'WfRv&V@V&W"b&WFp&V7G2FvWFW"6VFrFRV6b,:GVFV( 2Wr&vRbvVBV֖VBd7PF'2v6v26'FƗ7FV@f""6vbFRV BFR67G'V7F&WFrv&G2&R&V6VFǐW'W2VVBFVV6,:GVfGFPWrd7R&vRfVGW&p6VW726&W"vVG27&VFrvVƗG&FfFVf"FPf'&6F"ࠤ6W'W3B3""f6@wwrW'W&WFr6РD%$E0Br@$@$4U2P4c##"tĔRDtU@U"e$TR4DuTPR$ET5D05D2@d"UDU%DTĕ`T( 2$ttU5@$tR5D44vӇrF2vVVc##e$TRDTĕdU%dU" *3CRe$TR$UEU$0tD3D0ԔTУRT"uT$DTPrE$DP$4U0Wd@ĔR6#Br&vW'F&V7B6РdrU2ࠠ