Pro Installer July 2016 - Issue 40 - Page 29

29 PRO INSTALLER JULY 2016 PRO NEWS @proinstaller1 SETTING STANDARDS FOR THE FUTURE Robert Rossell, Managing Director of Gretsch-Unitas UK talks to Pro Installer about the recently revised developments in the new British Standards for PAS 24:2016 for doorsets and windows. The changes in PAS 24:2016 Enhanced security performance requirements for doorsets and windows in the UK has recently been revised with the new revisions having a significant impact on the door market to ensure it continues to offer users the highest level of security suitable for dwellings and other buildings exposed to comparable risk. As the standards of security in the manufacture of doors and windows has increased over the last decade, high security hardware products such as the G-U’s Secury range has been developed to enhance security further and stop attacks on a window or door units. However, we should never become complacent and as much as the OEM’s are looking at providing a high level of security at the point of installation, intruders will still continue to gain distance, hot on the tail of trying to overcome innovations and the efforts provided by suppliers. The new improved revisions to the standard are particularly significant for the door market and mean that testing of a complete doorset to achieve PAS 24:2016 has to replicate that of a casual or opportunistic burglar, not only attempting attack by levering and pushing/ pulling against the door unit, but also trying to enter the door using a hand tool, such as a screwdriver or another sharp objects. The new cutting test for doors has now officially been applied to all types of entrance doors extended to doors using a euro cylinder locking barrel; previously this had only been in place for doors using a key/thumb-turn cylinder. Ongoing, the standard does have a period of grace and manufacturers, installers and aftersales providers are still able to abide to the current Approved Document Q, which still refers to PAS24 # VFB6vW2#2v&Vf7GW&W"@7WƖW"b6V7W&G&GV7G2@62rR2&VGFW7FVBW &GV7G2FV7W&RFBFW&P&RF7Vff6RFRFVG2bFP&Wf62f"&FFRT@gFW&&WBrBvFFR&V6VBV6`W"Wr6V7W'27F"WW&7ƖFW"F22V6VBW"W7FpVFB6rffW&rFW&2b6V7W&GR7V7B`FRWrFW7BV2&RfW& 62vfF6WfRFRWp&Wf62v6ג2vBFrf"FR&WBBFPVvW#vfr6fFV6RFR&Gv&R&GV7G2v6&PfGFVBrR&RFR&6W72bFWfVr&R&GV7G2f"V6FR6W&6BFW7F0&WG2FRWBfWrF2BvFFW6R&GV7BV6W0vRƖRFV7W&RvRffW"W 7W7FW'2FR&W7B6W'f6R@FRFW7BWFFFRf&FV7W&rFWF( BVVBFv''vVB6W2FV7W&rFW&PffW&rFRvW7BVƗGF7W7FW'2f"&Rf&FFPWr&Wf62b3#C#brRT"G2&GV7G2f6@wwrrR6VtN( 24dU$TB2#C#c( 2#B6fW'2FW7BWFG2@66WF6R7&FW&f#( vFw26wV"BVFƖvC( FVr6FRVr&GFЦVr'WGBvV@( FB6FRVr&V7FV@( FVrB6FRVrgVǐ&WfW'6&P( FBBGW&BGW&BF@( fW'F6B&F6ƖFp( fVBBfVB66VVG0GVגfVG2( &VVp( FV&RVrg&V6vFw2( fW'F6B&Ff@( F'6WG36vRBFV&PV`( 6vRBFV&R7vp( vV@( 6ƖFr6vRBVFG&6( f@( fFr6ƖFr6vR@VFG&6( 7F&P( vF"vFWBFVw&6FPV2BfƖvG0tN( 2Ur2#C( vFW"66R7&V6rFP&vRb6V7W&GF'6WG2@vFw26fW&VB( 'VFr&VwVF2&fV@F7VVB&'&VfW&V6R22#BBFRFVFV@vFW"66RVffV7FfVǒV&W0&R&GV7G2FW6RF2FFFV7G&FR6Ɩ6R( V&W"bFW7BWFG2fP&VV6ƖfVB( &R&'W7B&WV&VVG2f WGFW"FW2( FG&W76W2FR&WV&VVBf V7Vw&W72g&Wr'V@GvVƖw27FvFVB'FP$2FW6R'VFp6V6’'V7W&rF'6WG2&R7VF&Rf"W6RvFFV"GW&7ƖFW'2BFW V7Vw&W72&Gv&R( 6vRFFV7W&RF'6WG26&RW6VBvFV7Vw&W72&Gv&R6W&6S%4w&WddR5D"$UDr5U%@d7RvFrF"@66W'fF'7FW"FVvvrF'2BvFw06WBW'W6W727BV BFgVGfFvR`&WFr7W'Bg&ЧG&FRVf7GW&W"vW&FRF&V7F"FVvvr6C( vW&FR&fVBfV&RvFvWGFrג'W6W72fbFRw&V@B7&VFrv&VW72FP֖FG2FWVVBRvFWfW'Frg&FW6vrאvBvV'6FRF767FrvFגf6vvR( &R&V6VFǒ֖6VRw&vB( 0vW&F^( 2w&W&WFrРvW"'&vVBf"FRFW6v@&Bb6RGfW'F6r&&G0F֗6RV&Ɩ6G&V7@v^( &Rv&rv^( &RprBv2bFWfVrאvV'6FRgW'FW"Br'V@ג66VF7FfG6&VǒƖRFRWr6W2&W6VFW FW&V6VFǒV6VB( ФFVFFVBFBg&6W0W'7V7FfRFR&GV7B@GW7G'f&FR&V6VfV@V7W&VBRv2WFFFRvFWfW'FrVVFVBF'V2'W6W72RW6W2FRƖR&FW&p77FVv66fW2FRvpFR'W6W72Ff7W2FVƗfW&pd7RvFw2F'2B66W'fF&W2RFFVC( FRfW&6W'f6R&Vǒ2ffR7F"B0VBfF&RFR7V66W70bW"f'7BV"G&Fr( Ф֖6VRw&vB6BFV( 07F'6vVBFR'F6R`&WFr'W6W72VffV7FfVǒvFWfW"FR6Rख7FW'2&VGfR66W70FFRdT&WFrV"7W7F֗6VB6W2&W6VFW"f W6RF&WG2&W7RvV'6FPBֆW6RFW6vgV7Ff"&Rf&FFVvvrF'0BvFw2f6BwwrFVvvvF'6GvFw26V"6ssscRf"&RFRvW&FPTw&WƖ֗FVBf6BwwrvW&FWvFw26V"632CC3##"ࠠ