Pro Installer July 2016 - Issue 40 - Page 22

22 JULY 2016 PRO INSTALLER PRO NEWS RISE IN WORKRELATED STRESS The number of working days lost due to ill health has increased over the last five years, mostly as a result of workrelated stress, says The British Safety Council. The organisation is campaigning to tackle work-related stress and its impact, which reflects the pressures employees face to meet the demands of modern working life. These include the fast pace of work shaped by instant communications, longer working hours and increasing competition in both domestic and international markets. The British Safety Council’s biggest current concern is the burden of work-related ill health conditions, particularly relating to mental health. That’s why this year it will unveil a number of initiatives that are focused on mental health. They will include the British Safety Council’s Annual Conference, in London on 5th October, and the launch of new qualifications that will help managers and employees become aware of mental health issues in their companies. In 2014/2015, accidents at work claimed 142 lives and caused 78,000 injuries in Britain*. Mike Robinson, chief executive of the British Safety Council said: “These facts and figures reflect the importance of proactive and effective management of health and safety and its risks. “Over the last 40 years, since the enactment of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, we have witnessed immense improvements in making workplaces safer, preventing injuries and reducing incidences of work-related ill health. This record is a result of the combined efforts of the organisations driving the health and safety agenda, as well as many of the British Safety Council’s members, who have demonstrated unwavering commitment to the health and safety of their employees.” He continued: “The cost of work-related ill health to the country has remained fairly static over the past five years. In 2014, injuries and the ill health of employees resulting from work cost society £14.3bn annually, of which £9.4bn was from illness and £4.9bn from inju- ry (source: HSE). However, the number of working days lost due to ill health has increased, mostly as a result of work-related stress.” On 28th April, union members and campaigners celebrated International Workers’ Memorial Day to commemorate those killed, maimed, injured and made ill by work. They renewed a pledge to fight for the living, by raising safety concerns in the workplace and public awareness of the importance of health and safety. This year’s theme is strong laws, strong enforcement and strong unions. *Sources: HSE and RIDDOR Jumping the Q with Veka PVCu systems supplier The VEKA UK Group has achieved further professional acclaim for its new M70 system. The group has completed a major update of its BSI Kitemark accreditation with the inclusion of the new M70, and the system is helping ensure that fabricators are Document Q-ready. The Matrix 70 Window System has been known in the industry for decades for its good looks and technical performance. Thanks to ongoing investment, the new, more energy-efficient M70 system has been launched. The system was among products shown at this year’s FIT Show and BSI’s Lorraine Balch was on hand to present the Kitemark certificate to Dave Jones, MD of The VEKA UK Group. ‘With the new M70 we wanted to give fabricators flexibility’ M70 is just one system that will help customers prepare for implementing Document Q. Dave Jones explained: Security via Document Q is the most recent legislative challenge that the industry has faced, with many customers approaching us for advice on the various routes to compliance. “With the new M70 we wanted to give fabricators flexibility and, to this end, we carried out testing to PAS 24 with a number of suppliers, after researching the most widely used hardware brands. This enables fabricators of the new M70 to follow our pre-tested specification and easily meet Document Q requirements.” VEKA has also expanded its approved hardware range to incorporate all of its popular 70mm systems and is embarking on further partnerships with hardware companies to continually improve its offering. For more information, contact Mark Barsby for #JustTheFACTS. Email: