Pro Installer July 2016 - Issue 40 - Page 2

2 JULY 2016 PRO INSTALLER PRO NEWS Continued from the front page ISSUE 40 July 2016 If you would like to find out more about the PRO Installer: Write to: Unit 2-3 Burleigh Court, Burleigh Street, Barnsley, S70 1XY. Tel: 01226 321 450 Fax: 01226 730 825 Email: steve@ All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronically or mechanically without the consent of Clearview Group Ltd and any of its subsidiaries. Whilst every effort is made to ensure accuracy, this publication does not accept liability for errors, printing or otherwise appearing in this publication. The views expressed by contributors are not necessarily those of the editor or publisher. fit installation tape which is ultimately faster, cheaper, cleaner and helping installers and fitters increase earnings especially when paid by the job. You can now even fit windows in the rain. Kent Blaxill recently stocked the Trufit tape. Steve Last said: “A clean, quick effective product. No more messy mastic lines or trim covering up. Both our customers and in-house installers are buying in to site time saving and cleaner appearance.” Jon Randle, Group Purchasing Manager of the rap- quality products we require but whose overall vision and values matched that of Gap. I have been very pleased with the service that we have received and hope this continues long into the future.” ria for me selecting Glazpart as a supplier was one of quality. Our customers demand the highest quality of finished goods and in Glazpart I found a supplier who could not only deliver the For more information find contact details of your local stockist or visit http://www.glazpart. com/stockists/ . You can also talk to the customer service team at Glazpart via http://www.glazpart. com/contact-us/, email or call +44 (0)1295 264533 ideal route. We’re offering a clear, cost-effective and straightforward solution. “People might be hesitating over getting their products certified, but increasingly these companies will lose out on work to others that have all the appropriate certifications. Document Q has already established that all doors on new build properties must be certified. “Fabricators cannot afford to miss out on work simply VBH stand at The FIT Show 2016 showing the Packers for professionals and the Link vents idly expanding trade counter group GAP, which stocks the Packers and Winbag for Professionals ranges, said: “Gap has been partnering with Glazpart for the last three years. The main crite- Winbag and Packers for professionals trade counter display Take the hassle out of certification Competent persons scheme Assure is now offering certification services. As an official, trusted, UKAS-accredited certification body, Assure says it is unique in being able to offer this service direct to customers. Technical and Compliance Manager Austin Greene explains: “Assure is proud to support the industry with a host of services when it comes to certification. Whatever profile you use, we can advise on the best way to ensure that products and services are officially certified, giving your customers peace of mind and helping make sure you’re ready for anything the industry throws at you. “This is a great offering for fabricators who feel they may be paying too much elsewhere to ha fRFV &GV7G26W'FfVB( 77W&R6W'Ff6F6W'f6W2v&R&RFffW 6W'Ff6FbvFw2F'2v72VG24P&r4$BB&R77W&RV&W'62@&WV&VVBbW6rW 6W'Ff6F6W'f6W2( f"F6R7W7FW'2v&RWBF( FF~( &WB6W'Ff6FN( 2ࠦ&V6W6RFWfR@FRVff'G2FfRFV &GV7G26W'FfVB77W&P6W'Ff6F6W'f6W2FW0FR76RB6vf6@67BWBbFR&6W72( ЧwwrfVV6Р6vBV2G&FW6֗FvVW&FRVG07W76W&6VBG&FRf'&6F"G&FW6֗F26VV6W2&6WBgFW FV֖rWvF6vBFFf"V@vVW&FG&FW6֗F'FW&VBvF6vBFFRF2vFFVƗfW"F&V7B&WFr6vFB6&VBF&V7BV&WFrBFVW6W2&WF66vrF&V7F"`G&FW6֗F6C( FR6v2fP&VVvǒ7V66W76gVvF7&7FW6vB6BFR&W76R&FW2fR&VV7WW&"( РFRfVf'&6F"FV@6vBFV6RFR6( 2W7Fp&WFr7FfFW2( vRfRvVBF'&rVW&W2Wr7W7FW'2F&VvFR6v2vFVGbVG27FFfrWB&R6v2VB( ЦFFVB&ख6vBFF62B2FRT( 2&vW7@B7B67W&FRFF&6Rb&7V7BFFf"FRvrB67G'V7FGW7G'vFfW"cFVF7W7FW'2B0FVF6FVBF&V7B&WFrFf6v66rFR6vRfW"R֖ƖࠦF&V7BW'2BffR֖ƖR6G2FR7BV"FRFf66VFW2w&0FW6vW'27V6Ɨ7B6w&FW'2BFV6wWW'G2गB6267F6FVB66VG&PvF&vRFVb&fW76ǒG&V@FVV&WFW'2B7FFRbFR'B66VG&RFV6wv62&VVfFVBg&Ь*3#SfW7FVBFR7BGvV'2&WFrvW"G&6VFVC( 6&rW"FFvFWW'BF&V7@&WFr62vR&R6WfrbPFVƗfW&&ƗG&FRf"F&V7BBRf V&WFrv66ǒ6B&P6WfVBW6rFW"&WFrWFG2( Фf"&Rf&F6F7@6vBFF3B#2 VV6vFFF6V