Pro Installer July 2016 - Issue 40 ISSUE 40 | JULY 2016 FREE » 06 Conservatory Rescue » 23 Skylight Installation » 40 Doblo Offers Solid Performance » 45 Women in Trade TRADE COUNTER RANGE PROMPTS SALES RISE The increase in Glazpart’s customer sales has been significant following the launch of the company’s trade counter product range. The Packers for Professionals range including glazing shovels and other installer consumables has been well received with regular sales over the trade counters. Trade counters of all sizes are now seeing the commercial benefits of increased turnover, repeat business and greater footfall from stocking Glazpart’s trade counter products - for example, VBH service centres and GAP which distributes through 40 UK depots, and family businesses such as GBPs 6 depots across the Midlands, plus Kent Blaxill who have 10 branches across the east of England. Steve Last, Business Manager, Glass of Kent Blaxill, commented on the Packers for Professionals products: “These have gone even better than I hoped and we have already had to re-stock several times. The display racking has really helped us with impulse buys and our sales of packers have greatly increased.” Today, the range also includes the Winbag for professionals, described by Glazpart as the essential and innovative tool for all installers and other trades. Since placing display stands on their trade counters they have been flying off the shelves. Steve stated: “The display has created a huge amount of interest. People have been amazed at the weight they can lift and the pure simplicity of the idea. Indeed, our own fitting teams are now using these and telling us that they are making adjustment so much quicker and easier to perform.” Now, the range has grown even more with the addition of the Tru- Continues on page 02 Is your supplier letting you down ? from only BREXIT - catastrophe or business as usual? P16. Would you like to win £250,000? P35. £ ££ GET A PRICE COMPARISON TODAY PRO-INSTALLER_front_page_bifolds_may2016.indd 1 £365 + vat per leaf Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Tel: 01642 610798 Fax: 01642 671026 21/04/2016 14:27