Pro Installer January 2016 - Issue 34 ISSUE 34 | JANUARY 2016 FREE » 04 Traders shape up » 06 FMB turns 75 » 22 Colour explosion » 32 400 jobs to go » 50 No longer in the closet Roto do it again 10th International Press Day Anniversary for Roto Frank. Roto-Frank wowed the world of the trade press again last November with its annual prestigious press day in Vienna, Austria. The company, who is one of the world’s leading hardware suppliers, pulled together a wealth of 80 journalists from around the world for what is the 10th ‘International Pres Day’ anniversary and shared with them the exciting and new developments for the year ahead, along with a site tour at its manufacturing plant at Lovo, Hungary. Representing Clearview magazine was managing director Steve Sidebottom and sales and marketing director, Diane Sylvia. Steve had this to say about the event; “It was a pleasure to attend this esteemed event. Having attended several of Roto’s international press days in the past, you come to expect the event to be of particularly high standard, and of course our hosts did not disappoint. “Roto always manage to combine a busy and important business event perfectly with the most enjoyable social timetable and this, the 10th anniversary of the company’s press day was no exception. “Vienna was a fantastic choice of venues, possibly inspired by our factory visit to Roto’s Hungarian manufacturing plant. “The company has owned the Lovo plant since 1996, which currently resides on a 167,830m2 site on the Hungarian border and employs approximately 560 employees. Continues on page 2 Is your supplier letting you down ? from only Skills shortage in construction boost wages by 6%. P37. Van safety guide – from Mercedes-Benz. P42. £365 per leaf Lowest price anywhere GET A PRICE COMPARISON pro_installer_front_page.indd 1 Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Tel: 01642 610798 Fax: 01642 671026 05/01/2016 12:01