Pro Installer January 2015 - Issue 22 ISSUE 22 | JANUARY 2015 FREE » 03 Asbestos Risk » 21 Young Workers Needed » 32 Spectacle Sculptures » 45 Apprenticeships ‘worth £34bn’ More people will get help to improve the energy efficiency of their homes through a new release of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF). The popular scheme opened to new applications from 10 December 2014, with up to £5,600 available to households in England and Wales to help with the cost of installing energy saving measures such as solid wall insula- tion, double glazing, boilers, cavity wall and floor insulation. Up to £30 million in vouchers are available and details of further releases will be announced on a quarterly basis with the next release expected in February 2015. This is part of the additional £100 million for household energy efficiency measures announced in October 2014, which is in addition to the £450 million already allo- more green deal funding available cated to household energy efficiency over 2014 – 17. The £30 million will be split into two categories: • Up to £24 million for solid wall insulation; • Up to £6 million for two measures from a list of home improvements available under the scheme. Once the funding under each category has been committed, no more applications will be taken for that category – though applications will still be tak- en for the other category if funds are still available. The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund launched in June of last year, has already provided vouchers for more than 20,000 households. Through this second release of funding, domestic energy customers can now receive: • up to £4000 for installing solid wall insulation; • up to £1000 for installing two measures from an approved list; • up to £100 refunded for their Green Deal Assessment; • up to £500 more if applying within 12 months of buying a new home. Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey said: “This fund is a big success story for the Green Deal – helping thousands of people improve their homes so they are warmer, greener and cheaper to run. “The best way people can cut their energy bills, this winter and every winter, is to improve their homes so that they leak less heat and use less energy. That’s why we’ve increased the funding available for the Green Deal to help even more people start saving money sooner.” Continues on page 02 Alu miniu m Bi-Fold Doors From only Going pro with golfer Ryan Evans. Page 07. Addressing the skills gap. Page 18. £p36a5 er le f Tel: 01642 610798 Fax: 01642 671026 Get a price comparison today! made for trade