Pro Installer December 2018 - Issue 69

PROINSTALLER.CO.UK THE VOICE OF THE TRADE ISSUE 69 DECEMBER 2018 FREE 08 Top tips: installing security glass 22 5 ways to invest for growth 29 Practical Steps to 32 Don’t lose your Prevent Tool Theft grip this winter Understand the key regulations involved. Grow your business while controlling costs. Newly available in the UK, auxiliary lock named Vanlock. Driving safely when the temperature drops. MODULARISATION CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY Not a new technology, but a design approach which continues to grow in popularity. Recent projects competed with Aluprof systems show what it possible and the benefits that this approach can bring. The construction in- dustry has used modules, such as bathroom ‘pods’, for many years where a repet- itive build, such as a hotel has many of the same ele- ments. There is a big benefit of producing these off-site in a controlled environment where specialist equipment is available and good levels of quality control. Simply delivered to site, lifted into place and services already provided and in place to simply link-up. £ Modularisation has now gone further to complete walls for rooms which can be produced with open- ings with fitted windows creating a waterproof and structural unit. Some of these larger room ‘pods’ can be produced as complete rooms with finishes and furniture complete. Protect- ed adequately against the elements, each unit is trans- ported to site and simply lifted into place usually on a prepared structural grid. The concept of the ‘pod’ hotel has been construct- ed in the USA, the rooms are generally smaller than average, so more rooms can be accommodated for any given city space, but quality of the rooms is higher with finishes lasting longer, in turn this makes these rooms more cost effective for the guest. In the USA they have even produced small apartments on this basis which are known as ‘pod pads’. The concept could be adopted in the UK to ease our housing shortage, particularly in the city. The idea of modularisa- tion and hotel construction are a very good match and many of the new hotels constructed today uses this technology. The concept works for both budget hotel construction and city centre luxury hotel developments. The modular method of construction allows devel- opers to realise hotels of up to 20 storeys to be quickly erected. The key for the window system is to allow the window to be fitted within the ‘pod’ and finishes to be made good internally, but then having an abili- ty for the external facade to be finished up to the Story continues on page 2 Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors GET A PRICE COMPARISON TODAY make the smarter choice FROM ONLY £345 * per leaf Including delivery Quote turnaround within hours Up to 1200mm sash widths D SITE Stock colours : White, Black, Grey, Grey on White UK PRO-INSTALLER_front_page_Bifolds_2019.indd 1 ORDER TO DELIVERY FROM A FAST Days 10 Working Lead Time * Per leaf price is unglazed and may vary depending on size and specification of the door. Lead time is based on a standard colour. Postcode restrictions apply Email: Call: 01642 610799 Fax: 01642 671026 STAND K10 07/12/2018 13:27