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Thank You Cards 5 The cards offer a clear internal spread for your personalised message. Alternatively you can choose to include a poem on Page 3 or a printed message in the centre of Page 3 which allows you to simply complete the addressee details and sign off. Many families choose to send Thank You cards to friends and attendees at the funeral. All of our Thank You cards come in a matching design to the Order of Service or Mass Booklets. Tom Gullion REST IN PEACE 1968 - 2012 Produced by Example of Thank You Card front cover. OOS22. Children’s Cards Our selection of Children’s Cards can be customised with either a poem or message on the rear side of the card. Alternatively you can select to have the rear of the card left as writing space for your family and friends to leave messages and return to you. Tommy Maxwel l our angel u are o Y o u r be autiful boy Too Soon This was a life that had hardly begun No time to find your place in the Sun No time to do all you could have done But we loved you enough for a lifetime No time to enjoy the world and it’s wealth No time to take life down off the shelf No time to sing the songs of yourself Thou you had enough love for a lifetime Those who live long endure sadness and tears But you’ll never suffer the sorrowing years No betrayal, no anger, no hatred, no fears Just love - Only love - In your lifetime. Author - Mary Yarnall Example of Children’s Card front and Poem rear side. CC01. Fully Customised Designs If none of the designs within our Collections appeal then we do have a fully customised option for which some additional fees will apply. A brief to either your Funeral Consultant or Funeral Studio will be required prior to starting the design and can incorporate special photos/images from your personal collection. Special Requests If you have any special requests then please do not hesitate to ask. Families often ask if they can choose a certain design in a different colour this can be done without a dditional cost. In our floral section we can interchange a flower selection as well.