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A7 Prayer Cards 52 PC01 Cover, internals and back IN LOVING MEMORY OF Sempre gentile, amoroso e bravo Hai lasciato indietro una bella memoria; Nella sollecitudine di Dio, Rimarrai sempre con amore nei nostri cuori. OUR FAMILY WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING THE FUNERAL SERVICE. It is a comfort to know that we are surrounded by the love and thoughts of relatives and friends who join with us as we reflect, pay tribute and share Always gentle, loving and kind, our memories of Giovani. What beautiful memories Giovani Delfino 14th June, 1922 - 25th August, 2014 PC02 In our hearts you rest with love. - RIPOSA IN PACE - you left behind. In God’s care you rest above. Produced by funeralstudio K]Bݙ\[\[[X’[ݚ[Y[[ܞHق[\H[[K[[ܛH]’ZH\X][Y][H[HY[[ܚXN“[HX]Y[HH[[X\ZH[\Hۈ[[ܙBZHH[ܚKTSRSHSRHSSBԈUSSHSTSTPK]\HYܝۛ]H\B\[YHHݙH[Y›و[]]\[Y[[]\\HYX ^HX]H[\B[^\[Kݚ[[[ \Y[[ܚY\وX][˂]X]]Y[Y[[ܚY\“X][BL[X\K NM H [K MHTHSPH BXYB[X[[\[˘K]B[\[Y[˘K]Bݙ\[\[[X’[ݚ[Y[[ܞHق[\H[[K[[ܛH]’ZH\X][Y][H[HY[[ܚXN“[HX]Y[HH[[X\ZH[\Hۈ[[ܙBZHH[ܚKTSRSHSRHSSBԈUSSHSTSTPK]\HYܝۛ]H\B\[YHHݙH[Y›و[]]\[Y[[]\\HYX ^HX]H[\B[^\[Kݚ[[[ \Y[[ܚY\و]YK]X]]Y[Y[[ܚY\ž[HYZ[ [8&\\H[H\XݙK]YHHXBܙXX\K NMH H X\  M[\X\[H\]ݙKHTHSPH B ’[\X\[H\]ݙK[HYZ[ [8&\\H[H\XݙKXYB[X[[\[˘K]B[\[Y[˘K]