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20 Margaret WILSON Margaret Margaret 12/06/51 - 25/07/12 12/06/51 - 25/07/12 WILSON WILSON 12/06/51 - 25/07/12 Produced by Produced by OOS23 Plus matching Thank You Card and Bookmark Thank You Margaret Margaret’s family would like to thank you for the many expressions of kindness, care, love and support you have shown them at this time; and for your presence here today. WILSON Refreshments At the conclusion of Margaret’s service, please join the family for refreshments at Lyndon Grove Reception Centre, 131 Surfcoast Highway, Grovedale. Margaret WILSON Scan this QR code w ][\X\ۙBH\XY“X\\]8&\UX]BXYB[ٝ[\[˘K]Bٝ[\[˘K]BK]BX\\]Sӂ[\[Y[˘K]B[\[Y[˘K]BL”\X][[[B\[X\“\[ܙ]XS][B\[ܙ]XS][B\[ܙ]XS][BXYBX\\][™[\[Y[˘K]Bݙ\YHHQH[]\YYܙY[Y[H[\[Y[ M\[X\ NL͈ H MHXX\H M[^\[\X\“X\\][“X\\][[^\[\X\Œ\[X\ NL͈ H MHXX\H M\[ܙ]XS][B\[X\ NL͈ H MHXX\H M[^\[\X\[^\[\X\