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70 Verses collection Always There A Memory No One Can Steal You were the one who was always there, You were the one who always cared, We will be with you again one day, So many things we will need to say. Emotions were hard for you to express, but of your life you did your best, Worries you kept to yourself, Never wanting to bother anyone else. Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal. Forever in our thoughts, forever in our hearts. Author Unknown Author Unknown Beautiful Memories God Be In My Head We wanted you to stay. But it was your time to go. Your heart was true and tender. You lived for those you loved. Those you loved will always remember because we have so many beautiful memories of the Mum we love. God be in my head, and in my understanding; God be in my eyes, and in my looking; God be in my mouth, and in my speaking; God be in my heart, and in my thinking; God be in my end, and at my departing. Author Unknown Author Unknown We Remember Memories to Bring a Smile We Remember It will be the little things that we will remember, the quiet moments, the smiles, the laughter. And although it may seem hard right now, it will be the memories of these little things that help to push away the pain and bring the smiles back again. Use your memories to bring a smile to your face and keep her close to your heart. Author Unknown Author Unknown