Print Rate Card - Page 9

POSTCARDS/MAILERS Need to send a postcard? We can print your postcard on 100 lb. uncoated cover, 100 lb. coated cover, or 12 pt. Productolith cover, which is coated on one side. AT GO F EE OD L Est. 2008 8516 Kennedy Memoria l Dr., St. Bonifaciu s, MN 55375 AT O E OD B ISTRO B ISTRO OD GO F EE OD L G 5”x3.5” TO 4.25”x6” POSTCARD ON 100# COATED OR UNCOATED COVER, 130# COATED COVER, OR 12pt COATED ONE-SIDE COVER (with or w/o bleed, addressing/variable data printing is extra) St. Boni Bistro, G O E Greater MN also provides fulfillment services, using either first class or standard postage. We'll take your mail list, prepared as either a comma delimited file, or Excel spreadsheet, and run it through our mail software to check for duplicates, assign ZIP+4, sort and apply directly to your postcard. Ask a sales representative for details. See page 18 for Mail Fullfilment. ™ 1 block north of new LOCAL POSTAL CUSTOM G • OO F EEL D B ISTRO E A D d y Me mo r ia OO D F EEL O T Kenne G B ISTRO EA D T O St. Bonifacius GO ™ GO OD F EE L G A T GO OD F EE L G $0.43 $0.22 $0.15 $0.13 quote Full color both sides $0.45 $0.24 $0.17 $0.15 quote 8.5”x5.5” LETTER-SIZED POSTCARD ON 100# COATED OR UNCOATED COVER, 130# COATED COVER, OR 12pt COATED ONE-SIDE COVER (with or w/o bleed, addressing/variable data printing is extra) Price per piece Up to 250 251-500 501-750 $0.18 $0.15 quote Full color front, black print back $0.49 $0.29 $0.22 $0.19 quote Full color both sides $0.52 $0.32 $0.25 $0.22 the purchase of ANY 2 entree’s af ter 4pm Not valid w/other of fers/discoun ts Kinder garten •Higher Academic Standards •1-to-1 iPads •Support for all Learners Zion USE . m N HO OPEK - 8t•h9Ga.ramde. tol 5:30 p. . Lut her Chri st ? u know Did yo , teac e., hope ing y Av 0 Blueja 5536 209 r, MN Maye Shar Luthe oo 27 7 p.m ., Jan. 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