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FLYERS HOWARD LAKE SPO RTSMEN Fishing Derby Greater MN Printing provides fast-turn digital printing, eliminating the need to travel miles from home for the same service. Compare our regular price to a nationally known copy center's advertised sale price, then realize that you don't have to travel far to get quality and value. Saturday, February 8, 201 1-3 p.m. on Howard Lak 4 e • Pre-drilled holes available • Ice Chiseling & Power Auger Contest at approx. 3 p.m. Paper colors may be limited in a short-turnaround - some colors may take up to 4 days. See a Greater MN sales representative to find the service and price that best fits your needs. Rafe Prizes GEAR 8.5”x11” FLYER PRINTED ON 50# OFFSET WHITE TEXT (with or w/o bleed) OR 20# COLORED BOND (no bleed) es Midw hinery $0.22 $0.15 $0.12 quote Black & White, two-sided printing $0.44 $0.26 $0.19 $0.16 quote Color, one-sided printing $0.48 $0.30 $0.23 $0.20 quote Color one side, black & white one side $0.51 $0.33 $0.26 $0.23 quote Color, two-sided printing $0.58 $0.40 $0.33 $0.30 quote request) AA55 03 I-FREEZ E802 E80206, $2.00 Reg. $1.70 NOW ADD OFF 10%DEERE GREASE JOHNack quantity 30-p . option dealers financing pating and other le at partici for details F % OF 15 ERS ALL FILT r call s. ndise mercha Deere John out our ego Check at www.w YOU FROM SERVING LOCATIONS THIRTEEN you when have you ice, we PPORT: to answer ts or serv le at all URS SU mitted need par t is availab por TER HO are com r you *Afte AGRONO MY YAgou’re In v ro n, matio uct infor & dealer For prod lookup your catalog ability from e. parts t phon tory availt or smar inven GO TO: uter, table comp anning Increase .com ineryco r hour Learn more at ited nomy Pl ng, we t. Whethe r hours sup This spri suppor you. Afte tions. our st loca need y to assi ry Co. Ag apply. staff readt Machine ice fees Midwes s Parts and Serv AF MORE ity, uctiv ce nts prod rman equipme ort, perfowith JD ove your ce, comf More To impr convenienhow to Add us nts. tility, le. Ask Attachme versa and musc 30 Availab dealer. your dealer h ONLY vary by le, so see Marc ility may availab th of availab may be The Mon and model and terms Prices rates special 31, 2014. March apply; other Offer ends ions restrict Some for Country Lifestyles Hwy. 12, Howard Lake (320) 543-3517 E OFF ANT 10%n Barrels F OIL ls % OF n Barre 15 & 55 Gallo OFF actual prize may vary. by: Quality Feed & Merchandise R MOWE ER ION CONDITVES 08 KNI 55 Gallo 15% SWEEPS TILLAGE VELS & SHO Representative photo, Sponsored in part ach idwestm www.m Your Yie for 2014 ld • Nitrog en Manag ement • Answe r Plot Res ults • Techno logy Up date from: Everyone Welcome ! Speakers Thursda papers. LOCAL News tes. LOCAL Websi 1:00 - 2:3 Dec. 25 - Jan. 8.5”x11” FLYER PRINTED ON 70# WHITE UNCOATED TEXT OR 80# GLOSS COATED TEXT (with or without bleed) L WEBSITES OVERAL Total Site Visits 42,899 23,464 8,220 3,048 43,455 13,814 sing Impressions Total Adverti 912,304 14,229 6,320 News archives A heavier stock that will keep text and artwork from showing through to the other side. Price is for straight printing where artwork will not bleed off the edge. Bleed and fold extra. Design is not included in these prices. ITEMS OF THE MONTH d @midco untycoop.c om by 2/7/ 14 Units: om Herald-Journal.c y Professional Director 52,395 Surp Birthdriayse 40th Party for 7,475 man dies in Winsted Breaking news: board s address DC school Marco supporter on Marco issue Reader comments urse om Herald-Journal.c nment Dining & Entertai 54,987 21,069 Obituaries News and Columns 18 Supplie Chaska ---> Dahlgreen Golf Club 0 or artt Ad Top Performing TOP SECTIONS TOP INDIVIDUAL ) 466-373 ISING WEB ADVERT ) (all sites included 3 Golf Co , MN 553 Hwy. 212 Dahlgren Rd Please RSV Total Page Views 87,313 hlgreen , Chaska shments gne P to (952 5,133 5,001 25,303 lgren Rd. & Refre <--- Colo 25 Unique Visitors 23,947 16,955 DelanoHeraldJourna HJ Snacks y, Feb. 1 0 pm • Da 6940 Dah really want but when you choices today, g message, the There are so many your advertisin community with r – now with to reach a local local newspape is still, by far, your dominant media online versions. c and enboth printed and with lots of traf nd a local website monthly If you want to Here! Check our go? you where would gaged readers, stats below. Co. Rd. 43 Black & White, one-sided printing $0.40 Oil Kelly Ave 1001+ lk Co. Bu OF 20%PLANTER NER CORN DISK OPE 248 SEED927 & AA65 F % OF N1820 751-1000 prizes prizes is available upon m Progra ces hased up for Oils Redu ced purcay to sign HyGard Redu tod 50II and Call us15W40 Plus For JD 20 EE AL8䰁8(̰(ߊtM\(䰁8((Ĵ()ɅAɥ̰́ѡ((єЁѥ())ѡ)չ)Ʉ))Aɽ)ԁ́=ͥ))ЁA)ЁѠ́))()Aɥ́ȁɅЁɥѥݡɔݽɬݥЁѡ Ʉͥ́)Ցѡ͔ɥ̸UɅѼ͕ЁȁЀāȁ(Ĵ()AɥAх͠!͔)Y(MɹɐAɥ()I|)Օ)Q́م)͡)ݗe)Q չMѽɔЁ)éMЁM)䁅ɔ̸)!݅ɐ)ѽ)āɽ!݅ɐ1M͵1ͼ))MѼ)é Ո5̸)ͼݥم)́Mե5䰁5)ѡ䁽ѡٕЁ)ݥЀ́A)ͥє)ՅMȁե)5))ѥٔ)ȁ+t)ȁЁЁɥ́)))%ӊéѥ))ɔ)ѡM ф))ɕ))))Ѽ)ɽ)Mɤ))ȁ)) )ɔ)]eٕ)Ԁ)))%ٕѽ)́́)͠()͡))մ)ȁ()%ɕ͕ٕ)Ѽ))Ѽ+qAɽٕѕɥЁɥ()Ё5()UѼ(+1չ݅)ͥє+Aɥ锁ȁ)Ӿx(%́ѕ͠)()ɅAɥ%  MQ0)%M !=UM d(ˊd](()%9)HMAH)U@<())MIY% )MQ)QLQIT)1AH)I1%()Aɥȁ(+eL 1U((ѠՅ((Ȱ(İ()Ѐ)]ѵ)Յ()ѡ)̰չɱ)ɕхɅ̰)9́ɽ)ݕͥєх)ͥٔѥ)܃q=Їt)Ց́ɕ)ɕ)ͅ)]эȁ)ѡɽ՝ͭѽеɕѕ́ȁɕ͡)=Є͕ѥ́ɥє)ͥȁѠ)ѕх)ɥѕ))ѽɕ̰ɔ)ѠՑ))̰͡ս)ЁЀ)ȁ̰)Aɽѥ́ѥѡݕͥєݕ)ɕ)Ёѡɕ)ɵѥ)ѕх)=!()YͥЁܹ()-()UѼ((Ĵ((Ĵ((Ĵ((Ĭ() ]єͥɥѥ((((((((()սє() ]єݼͥɥѥ((((((((()սє() Ȱͥɥѥ((((((((()սє() ȁͥݡєѡѡ((((((((()սє() Ȱݼͥɥѥ((((((((()սє()ѥ݄(ԴL)())Ʌɹ)ݕ()ɥ())Ё!)Ḿݽ) )()Mݥ)))ɥ٥()A͔()Ѐ()A=MQIL((ѠՅ()eԝɔ٥ٕа܁ԁѼɽє)и]ɥЁȁѕ́ȁԸ=ȁхɐѕȁ)ɥѕͥѕȁЁȰ٥ѡ)əѥհ䁱ɅȁѡЁݥ)иɕѕȁ58Aɥѥ́ٔ䁵ɔѥ́)ȁѽ́ЁͽѡѡЁԁɔ)Ȱ͔ɕѼͬȁ́ͅɕɕ͕хѥ̸ٕ()͔ذ5э()ͼɥ()ɑѡ()]Ё)1͕ȁɅ٥()U ()́ɽ՜ЁѼ()5ᥔ()()ȁ()11 ()Aȁ͔Q((Ёܹ\()ЁЁم((ش((Ĵ((ش((Ĭ() ]єͥɥѥ((ȸ((ĸ((ĸ((()սє() ]єݼͥɥѥ((ȸ((ĸ((ĸ((()սє() Ȱͥɥѥ((ȸ((ĸ((ĸ((()սє() ȁͥݡєѡѡ((ȸ((ĸ((ĸ((ĸ()սє() Ȱݼͥɥѥ((̸((ȸ((ĸ((ĸ()սє()5e) ((ȁ()M(ѕ(܁)́(є=((NJuߊt=HˊutЁ =Q=9M% =YHMQ= ,ݥѠȁܽ)UѼ()Aѥ1љ()]ѽɽչ(+]ѕ58())Q́م=()M5 ɕй(((()ЁQє(ԁ%م()ȁ()ɕЁ Ȁ]))ɕЁɕЁɥ)ɔ)1ٔ5ͥ̀)Y+()ȁѕȁѡѥĸ((() ɅЁ%͕Y)5ɔ)܁́ȁI)ܹٕٽ()ս}(ս%()ܹٕٽ()Mͽ()ѡL()ɕѕ59AɥѥAɥѥɕѕ59Aɥѥ(($)\()QQI)IMQH)%1()H()=4()AѼѕ()%()L () ٕ̰()Aɥȁ()؀(ܰ()Aɥ锁)ݥ() )ȁ )ɍ()) 䁄ѽ)51 չ噽ȀȁȁѼ)ݥ԰)ɝ)͕ЁM) ѽ́)Ȁ]ѕ)M))ȁ) Ս̸)՜Aɍ͕Ё͡ݥɕٔ ȁ) M)M ) ]ѕ) I!͔)ѽ)ɽ(éMYͽ(Mи)Ѵ)́ѡ]ѕ M Ք9є)!Qɥ() \ݥ)]ѕAՉ԰-ٕ)I共)1Ʌ䰁Ёѡ Ք9єȁ͕ЁM)1ѥ) ɅЁ ) ɽ)ݥم) ѕа)Mɽ)A͔єЁȁхɕ̰)Q]ѕ)])ѥ)͕̰Ѽ) ɔ ѕȰёȁѥѕ())ѥ)YхM)ݥѠ)]Ց)ѡ)ɕͥ)́ѡ]ѕ)ݵ)Ѽȁ)M)Mи5e) (͕)Mи(M݄5)쁅]͑䁕ٕȸQѥєɸ()ѡɐ))ɕ٥х)а))͹ݴ)ݥ)Յ=)ݹ)ɽā)͡)Ѽ)!͕)ё̹́ȁɔɵѡȁѥ)ɥ䰁)ѡ Ք9є)ѥх)аȁɕ٥ͼ)Mͼ(̰؃LMɥ Qа)ԴȁI5Դ)ɕ]$5ՙ)QI!͔)͡%Ʌ)M!̰5ݕ(ذɝɕ() M)M٥̰)ɥ)Qѥ)]ѕɅ)ЁYхMݴÍ ȁ )ѵ) ȁѴ)) ɅMфYх)M̰))ѡ Ք)1ѕ)Mи)é1ѡɄ аɤ)9є) ȁѴ)) ɍ]ѕ)ɥ))ɕ)Mи)ݥѥ) ) ȁݥЀԁAѽȁ5ɬ())1ȁѡ ɥѵ́ Ё)əɵ)Q͕)Ёхѥ) ٕɅ́)]ѕɕ)Յѥ) ɥѵ́ ɽ)́e) չ)Ѐ؁ɕ)ѡ]ѕ)ݥ͕ٕ)ݥѥ) ɥѵ́ɕ)ѡ٥ͥѥɽ共ݥхɔ))ɥȁѼѡ)ͥ)٥Qɕ)ѡѕɅ)ȁɽ))Aɽ)))(ɤ()ЁѼ5)͡%Ʌ)I͕ٔAɬݥѠЁȁ)()M٥́ݥ)ѡ1)͕ͽQ)ɽ٥ѥ)1ѕ )ɕݥɅ)é)٥ɕ)ݥѠ)Ѵ́AɄ))Qɽ՝ݹѼ)ѕЀĴѡȁ ɥѵ́ݥ͠٥Qɕɹ́ѡ́)Mи)ݸ]ѕ)ɽ51)(ѠMɕ))ձ՝(хѥ) չ丁͡ݥѠ()(ݥѠ)MЁՌ8!́ɔԁ)I共䁅)Ʌ5͡)͕ͥ́ɽ)5ѡԁ%Ʌ)́ )ѥЁ1)ɔɕɅѥ)ɥ)ѡɽչ)Mи)ɕեɕAѥ)䰁ɤ)ɕɔɄ()́͡ձ)؀)Q]ѕ)ȁѼѥє)]ѕ)ѡ Ք9є)ذȁѼԁ1Ʌ ɐݥͼ)) ))ȁ̀ѠՅ)ѕȁ=)Mɑ)ذ)Mи)䰁ܰ)M((ܰ)ѥѡЀȁ9܁Ѽ Սѥɥ)YͥЁѡ]ѕ)ѱ)ݥ)ɽ))͕))є)́Ʌ͕)ѕ)]ѕ)́ ѕ))ݹѽݸ)ɽ)х䰁ѡݥ٥ɔѕ)%ѡɹ)Ѽ)Ʌѕ)ѡ!Qɥ)1ѕȁAɅɥ)ݥѠ1I)ɱ䁅ѕɹ)ɕɽɅ)Ѐā5)M)ٕՔ)))))ѡɔ)̸5эḾѼЁѡ)1幍)%ѡѕɹ)չ́ɽ)Ʌɥ́)ݽɬݥͥ)ͱɽ٥(ɕȁѡɔݥ)ѡ͔)Qɥٕ)х ɥѴ1幍ݥ)Mф5)эͽ ɥѵ́))ɔɕѥ́ȁ)Qȁ)]ѕ]ѕȁ䁵ͥɽ)M(!]))Ѽ)݅ЁѼ͕ݡѥمAɅ!Ѽ݅ɴȁ é )Ḭ)5Ս5)Ёѡ)ѽ́ɥ)ɕɕ́)Mф )ѥ)ѡ)Mи)ݽЁѡ]ѕ)Ёѽݸ)ݥم)ݡ(Ѽ)ѼɕЁɕ()1ɅM))Սѥɕ)Ёѡ Ք9є)IՉɅ)1 Ո)ݥ) ɽɽ)ݥم)م)Ѽхѽ̸)ȀMи)ɽ]ӊe)Aɥɥյ)ѥ)䁑ɥ)9ЁЁMՑ)ɕ)))չѥ)ͅ()͡ɥ D)չȸ]ѕѡ͔ѥ̸ɅQMиAհIɽ)ݥ) Ոݥ)ɕɥ̰ѡ]ѕ1 Ոɥ̰))͍ȁѥم ѽ́ɕեɕ͕Ёݥٕ݅)ٕɅ)́Ց)ɽЁ)Ѽ))1͍))Ѽ))ͅȰ)ɕѕȸ!) ɱͽ(ȁ)9є ɽ)хѼ)=ɍɐ݅ɥ̰ͼ)Q]ѕɽāѼȁ)ɕ)ݥٔɽ)I共ݥ)M)ѡ Ք(āѼ)͕ٔ)ͽɕ ) ɉ)́ѡ Ք9є ɽ)쁽ȁё)ɽ(ݥم)())չİ((ȁ5I()]ѕ)ɕ()]ѕ)]Ё)))ل)ȁ䀘)Mɑ()ɥ(Mɑ()]єȵиͥѕٕȁѽȸ1ɝȁͥ)مѡɽ՝ȁͥѵиձم)ͥ́Ѽ̸䁥́ͼمݥѠ)()()Ё͕ɔ)Є()]\()Aɥȁ((0