Print Rate Card - Page 3

FILE REQUIREMENTS File Requirements PREFERRED FILES • Adobe (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator) CC Suite or lower (packaged) • Microsoft Word & Excel - please specify if the files were created on a Mac or PC • Microsoft Publisher • PDF REQUIRED RESOLUTION • Newspaper photos: 250 dpi • Newspaper line art: 600 dpi • Web graphics: 72 dpi • Digital Printing: 600/1200 dpi • Signage: 300 or higher dpi *Lower resolution will result in a lower quality reproduction. FONTS Embed all fonts. We reserve the option to substitute similar fonts if necessary (must provide hard copy with which to match fonts). When it is essential to preserve a font appearance, please use outlines or provide material in a graphic format. Fonts are not interchangeable between Mac and PC platforms. COLOR • Newspaper: CMYK or PMS/Spot color, produced in original layout program • Web: RGB • Digital printing: CMYK • Signage: CMYK *We will make an attempt to reproduce your color. Keep in mind if you designed your artwork and used RGB colors the conversion to CMYK may not come out the same. We use a digital printing process and will achieve a close representation of the color you requested. If an exact PMS match must be achieved please talk to one of our sales reps for a quote. FILE TRANSFER/ACCEPTED MEDIA • E-mail to • Larger files may be sent via our online transfer page: • We accept CD, DVD, Portable Flash Drives *Use file compression (.zip, .sit) when practical. When submitting materials, please identify your company name, contact name and number, description of what the item is intended for, and if applicable, the name of your HJ sales representative. *Additional design charges may apply for handling files not in preferred format, or not meeting specifications. ACCEPTABLE FILE FORMATS EPS (preferred) PDF Tif JPG or JPEG GIF Vector EPS is the preferred format for signs, printing publications, and or advertising. PDF is a preferred format for print jobs, and advertising. TIFF format is a higher quality, raster format, best for photos, and camera ready art. A JPEG format is intended for previewing and or web use only. GIF format is for previewing and web use only. Encapsulated PostScript. EPS files can be either binary or ASCII. The term EPS usually implies that the file contains a bitmapped representation of the graphics for display purposes, PostScript Files include only the PostScript commands for printing the g \X˂ܝXH[ܛX] \HܛX]Y[]\X\ۈHX\Y[8&\[ۚ]܂܈[\\^H\B[[YHY]Y Y]H[H[ܛX] [HYYYؙHXY\BYH\X][ۈ\X]YHYؙH\[\˂YY[XYH[HܛX] ۙHوH[Y[B\ܝY[HܛX]™܈\ۘ[\]\Š[XX[\]\K[ܘ\X‘^\ܛ\ Q\B\\[ۈX\]YH܂܈[XY\ˈ[Y][YXH[\^\˜X] L\[وZ\ܛX[^KYH]Z[\›[H\\[ۋ]\š[[Y܈[\]\KܙX]\S[[˘H[[ܙX]\S[[˘Bܘ\X[\[BܛX] H]8$[X\Yܘ\X[HܛX]\YBHܛYHXQ\ܝ܈[\[\œ\][ۜˈ][[Y\™]H\\[ۋ]X]\H]\[Z]Y Mܜ]\[ܙHYX]H܂[XY\X\[\][ۜ›܈]\[܂˂‚