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VARIABLE DATA PRINTING What if you could send a personalized message to each of your customers, all in one mailing? Greater MN’s variable-data printing software makes it happen. With variable-data printing, the message is all similar, but not identical. You get to choose the changes. For example, you may decide to include each customer’s name, along with products or services you know would be of special interest. Change images to appeal to a certain demographic. You can also change coupons or sales to match a geographic area. Save money on postage while greatly improving your response rate. It’s a simple, efficient way to get the most out of your advertising. Change is good At Greater MN, we use advanced printing software to vary the data on your direct mail piece. As long as the pieces are all the same size, we can change as much of the information and graphics as you’d like. Savvy Savings Because we can do your job in a single mailing, you’ll save on postage for standard mail orders of 200 or more. First-class mail gets a discount on orders of more than 500. With our variable-data software, you’ll also save money on design costs, because there is no need for separate orders. Any Arrangement Whether it’s a newsletter, postcard, brochure, greeting card or letter, we can give your message that personal touch. All printing is done at the same time utilizing our digital printing equipment to ensure that your piece looks professional. The personalized portion will not be ink-jetted on later. One-to-One Every customer has different needs and interests. Your advertising should reflect that. By including the person’s name, along with coupons or graphics that speak directly to them, you’ll get a much higher response rate. The more personal the message, the more likely your potential customer will be to act. Custom Creations The sky’s the limit here. If you have customers’ past purchases on file, you can tailor your message to fit those interests. For example, for someone who purchased a motorcycle from your business, the printed piece they receive could include sales on helmets, jackets and replacement parts. Every postcard or letter you mail out could have a targeted photo and text. Site Seeing The purchasing needs of your consumers might change depending on geographic location. Vary the focus of your ad to match. You might market school supplies in a neighborhood with many young families, for example. Or, you could sell farming equipment to an agricultural area. Spice it up Variety is truly the spice of life – especially when it comes to print mail for your customers. With Greater MN, all the documents in a print run can be modified for each person you are trying to reach. Data-variable printing from Greater MN: It’s a must have for any business hoping to make an impression. Contact a Greater MN sales representative today to learn more! COMPANY STORE Do you have products that you frequently have to re-order? Products such as business cards, letterhead, envelopes, etc.? If you do, having an online company store may be a perfect option for you! Talk to a Greater MN sales rep to identify the products that you order on a regular basis and then we will set up your own company portal, provide you wi [ܙY[X[[][[[\YH][\\[H˂TSHSQBۘHHܙH\]\ [[H]H\[[ܙ\[\\[\\]\XY ]ˈYۛ[KHܙ\Y\Y\Y]^H[H[][Hۛ[]\˜\]K] ][\HBY\[ZHHܙX][ۈ܈[\\[K۝X\^H܈[ܙH]Z[[I[[HZHH^\˜ܙX][H\KYYK\][Hۛ[H]ܛH܈ܙ\[BX[HYYBH[XYHHY\[^[\Hو][\ۛ[HܙBYH[ZK܈\\\Z^][ۈ[ۜXZ]HܙX]\S[\\ ܙX]\S[[˘H[[ܙX]\S[[˘BST‚