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BINDERY CHARGES If you have a lot to show and tell, bound presentations and materials will always add just the right touch to demonstrate your eye for detail. Deliver your information professionally packaged by choosing the binding that matches your unique needs and style. COMB BINDING Comb binding up to 11” long (if its 11”x17” it will be bound on the 11” side). $15 minimum charge. Comb bind only (no cover added) $3.78 Comb binding with card stock cover $4.10 Comb binding with transparency cover $5.34 Comb binding over 1” thick add $1/inch Comb Binding SPIRAL BINDING Spiral binding up to 12” long (if its 12”x18” it will be bound on the 12” side). $15 minimum charge. Spiral bind only (no cover added) $4.28 Spiral binding with card stock cover $4.60 Spiral binding with transparency/black cover $5.84 Spiral binding over 1” thick add $1/inch UNIBIND Unibind is a whole-new way of binding your booklet. When completed, your paper will be bonded to the steel spine - a professional look, adding a finishing touch to that proposal. Available in many different sizes - ask a Greater MN sales representative for more information. Unibind with transparent cover sheets $3.42 Unibind hard-cover binding $15.75 Unibind over 1” thick add $1/inch Spiral Binding ADDITIONAL BINDERY CHARGES Additional charges may be applied for any of the following. $15 minimum charge. Folding $0.03/piece Stapling $0.02/piece Collate & stitch $0.03/piece Digital numbering $15/job Envelope stuffing $0.05/piece LAMINATION Unibind Greater MN Printing can laminate your product/project for you. Whether it’s a piece of your child's artwork you'd like preserved, a poster or counter-top display, or business cards that need to hold up in the toughest of conditions, Greater MN Printing can provide a solution for you. Prices listed are for individual sheets. Multiple-piece price may vary. See a Greater MN sales representative to find the service and price that best fits your needs. 2-SIDED LAMINATION Lamination both sides - trimmed to 1/4” overlap Buiness card size (3.5x2) $1.25 8.5”x11” sheet $1.75 11”x17” sheet $3.05 12”x18” sheet $3.51 13”x19” sheet $3.99 24”x36” sheet $12.50 | 21