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COPIES Greater MN Printing has two of the best high-speed, digital printers in the surrounding area. And they're fast (up to 80 pg/min. for single-sided 8.5x11 sheet of paper). Just stop in and one of our customer service reps will scan in your document. Or, if you have an electronic file of your printed piece, bring it in on a jump drive or CD, or e-mail it, and we'll print from your electronic file. As always, we provide the highest quality and a print that will please you. Call ahead, and it's possible we'll have it finished for you the same day, depending on quantity and your choice of paper stock and finishing options. BLACK & WHITE COPIES Per piece price 20lb. white bond 28lb. white bond white cover stock B&W 8.5x11 $0.28 $0.53 $0.79 B&W 8.5x14 $0.31 $0.33 $0.79 B&W 11x17 $0.43 $0.68 $1.06 Add B&W 2nd side $0.09/8.5”x11” $0.17/11”x17” It is illegal to copy copyrighted material. Therefore, if an item that you wish to copy is copyrighted, or appears to be copyrighted, we must refuse to copy it unless you have a signed release form stating you have received permission to copy said material. For quantities of 250 or more, ask a sales representative for a quote. It's possible your copy job can be turned into a print job, with a savings to you. COLOR COPIES Per piece price 20lb. white bond 28lb. white bond white cover stock $0.41 $0.79 $1.06 Color 8.5x14 $0.49 $1.06 $1.56 Color 11x17 $0.66 $1.06 $1.56 Color 8.5x11 Add B&W 2nd side $0.10/8.5”x11” $0.18/11”x17” Add Color 2nd side $0.15/8.5”x11” $0.28/11”x17” Digital Alterations (enlarge, reduce, color correct) each - $0.56 Print from file A $15 set-up fee may apply. STATEMENTS & BILLS At Greater MN Publishing we use a process called Variable Data Processing (VDP) where we take your fixed length, tab or comma separated value, or Excel document, and process the unique information for each customer. And, since we are a custom print shop, any type of document can be produced, from a simple postcard with tear-off-stub, to a full 8.5”x11” bill printed front & back, stuffed into a #10 windowed envelope, along with any inserts you wish to accompany the bill. And, we’re not just a print shop, we are also a mail-fulfillment shop, using software that sorts mail pieces for the lowest postage possible. In the end, you’ve saved man-hours and the cost of printing and materials by not printing in-house; you’ve freed up your own equipment to print other documents; and have seen a reduction in postage; all helping you stay within budget. Your City Account: 000123456789 After 12/31/13 Pay $55.00 Balance Due By 12/31/ 13 Balance $50.00 PO Box 123 Your City, MN 54321 Amount Enclosed $_ Do not pay - Auto withdra Endorsement Line John Smith 123 4th St. Your City, MN 54321 Meter Reading Sprinkler Meter Reading For Service at: For Service Date Charge 11/30/13 11/30/13 Prev bal Garbage Water Total Due Return this portion with at 123 4th St. your payment . Previous Read Current Read Usage 000000 000001 000001 Amount $32.00 $6.00 $12.00 $50.00 To learn more, just ask a Greater MN sale representative. Do not pay - Auto withdra For Service at: For Service at 123 4th St. Account: 000123456789 For Service from 11/1/13 to 11/30/13 *Note that this is not John Smith After 12/31/13 Pay $55.00 Your City Mosquito Control Update The City will be spraying for mosquito control on the dates listed below a city fee. Your Cit y August 5 , 12th, & 26 th No September treatme nts Please call the Public W