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How to apply Sibling claim: If your child has a sibling (brother or sister) attending the school you are applying to you must enter their name and date of birth on the form to be considered for sibling criteria (If there is more than one sibling attending the school please give details of the youngest child, not in the nursery). Siblings are generally defined for the purpose of school admission in Ealing as all blood, half, foster, step and adoptive brothers and sisters (not cousins), living at the same address on a permanent basis or for the majority of time in any calendar year. Medical/Social claim: Exceptional medical/social circumstances will not be considered for Ealing community primary schools as this no longer forms part of the over-subscription criteria. Please see the admission criteria for the other school(s) you are applying to for details on exceptional medical/social criteria and supporting documents required. Please note that supporting documents should be sent directly to the school concerned. Important: If you think your application form has been lost, you must be able to produce proof of receipt. Please do not post your application to the LA or school, hand deliver it to your preferred school or Perceval House. What to expect after you have completed your application Online applications will receive an automatic acknowledgement once the form is submitted, you will receive an email confirming your application details with your unique 16 digit application reference number. There is no acknowledgement for paper applications. It is very important that you ask for a receipt if you are handing your form in or keep proof of postage. Documentary Evidence Required Looked after/previously looked after claim: If you are completing your application for a child that is currently in the care of a local authority please complete the relevant section, giving the name of the local authority that the child is in the care of. You will need to attach to your application a letter from the child’s social worker. Please provide copies only, do not send original documents as they may not be returned. If your child was in the care of a local authority immediately prior to adoption or becoming subject to a residence, special guardianship, special educational or child arrangements order you will need to provide a copy of the order or proof of adoption and proof of your child’s previous looked after status. Proof of address We do not require proof of address with your application form. Ealing Council will check internal council databases in order to verify your address. Where it is not possible to verify your address or if you have recently moved we will advise you that proof is required. Please see page 57 for details. Child of UK service personnel (UK Armed Forces) and Crown Servants claim: If you are not living in Ealing but have a confirmed posting to the area, or if you are a crown servant returning from overseas you will be allocated a place in advance of arriving into the borough. Your application must be accompanied by an official letter that confirms a relocation date and a Unit postal address or quartering area address. Important: Please note that provision of an incorrect home address or other false information is likely to lead to the withdrawal of an application or offer of a school place based on that information. If there is any doubt as to the validity of the address given the matter will be put in the hands of an investigator. Supplementary Information Forms (SIF): If you are applying to faith schools, you will be required to complete an additional Supplementary Information Form (SIF). These can be obtained directly from the school and, for Ealing schools, are available on the Ealing Council website. The SIF must be completed in addition to your online or paper application and must be returned directly to the school before the closing date. Please do not send these to Schools Admissions as we will not take responsibility for the school receiving them before the closing date. The closing date for receipt of all applications either paper or online is 15 January. If you are applying on paper please submit your completed application form to your preferred Ealing primary school or hand it in directly to Perceval House. 6 Starting Primary School 2019 Proof of date of birth Proof of your child’s date of birth needs to be provided with the application e.g. medical card, passport or short birth certificate. KEY DATES: 1 September: Eadmissions website opens for ƖRƖ6F2W"Ɩ6F2f&R2FV6V&W"FrFV6V&W#FfGVGf6R6W762BW&6WfW6P6FRF֗762FVF&RV'f66rFFRf"&FW"BƖRƖ6F2b&àFffW"F3&àFVFƖRf"&VG2F&W7BFffW'2FRFffW"F