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Woodlands Academy Hathaway Gardens, Ealing W13 0DH 020 8998 2479 Nursery: Yes l Breakfast club: Yes l Afterschool club: Yes DfE No: 307/2010 Type of school: Academy Headteacher: Harinder Rana Age range: 3-11 Planned admission number at 4 years: 60 Admissions criteria How places were offered in 2018 The below criteria has been summarised, for the full admissions policy and arrangements please visit the school website: Where the number of applications is greater than the planned admission number, applications will be considered against the criteria set out below. After the allocation of children with an EHC plan, the admission criteria will be applied in the following order of priority: 1. Looked after children or children who were previously looked after but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, child arrangements order, or special guardianship order. 2. Children with a brother or sister who will be attending the main school (not the nursery class) at the time of admission. The words brother and sister refer to all blood, half, foster, step and adoptive brothers and sisters (not cousins) who live at the same home and in the same family unit as the child on a permanent basis or for the majority of time in any calendar year. A sibling relationship does not apply when the older child(ren) will leave before the younger one starts. 3. The distance from home to school as measured by straight- line, from a point in the property to a point in the school determined by the grid references for the centre of the school’s postcode. Tie break In the event that the distances are equal the Local Authority will draw lots to determine which applicant should be offered the place. Twins, triplets or other children from multiple births The Local Authority does not give priority under its admission criteria for twins, triplets or other children from multiple births, however, the Local Authority will admit twins and children from multiple births when one of the siblings is the thirtieth child admitted. Children of newly appointed staff After the published offer date, where there is a demonstrable skills shortage for a vacant post (independent evidence is required), the admission authority will place the children of a new appointee for the post in question, at the top of the waiting list for places at the school. 56 Starting Primary School 2019 Admissions criteria Offers made on national offer day Criteria 1 to 3 All applicants offered Waiting lists Your child will be placed on a waiting list if no place is available at the time of application. Length of time on a waiting list does not give any priority. Places are offered according to the over- subscription criteria. Nursery admissions Applications for nursery are made directly to the school. Please visit the school website for information on nursery admissions: For detailed information about the school please visit the school website: