Primary School Prospectus Primary School Prospectus Admissions - Page 4

Applying for Primary School Starting Primary School If your child was born between 1 September 2014 and 31 August 2015 s/he will start primary school in September 2019. Co-ordinated Admissions System Under the Co-ordinated Admissions System, all parents living in the borough of Ealing can apply for up to six different state maintained primary schools or academies in or outside the borough of Ealing. This is done online at or by completing a paper application. Preferences need to be ranked in order of priority. This is important as we will offer the highest preference possible and withdraw your lower preferences. Where a school is oversubscribed, its published admissions criteria will be used to decide the order in which applicants will be offered places. Schools will not see where they are ranked in your preference order and no school will see any other preference schools you have applied to. Please note this system only applies to schools in the state maintained sector. If you are applying to private/independent schools you need to contact them and apply direct to the school. All new schools proposed to open in 2019 will be outside the co-ordinated application process. Parents wishing to apply to those schools will need to contact the school direct and apply on the school’s application form. Parents are strongly advised to also apply for established primary schools through the co-ordinated system as there is no guarantee at this point that the new schools will open. Deciding on your preferences You are strongly advised to name your nearest non faith school as one of your preferences. Make an informed choice Before deciding on your preferences it is very important that you look at each school’s admissions criteria in relation to your circumstances so that you are aware of the order in which places are allocated. Each year parents are disappointed because they apply to schools where they are a lower criteria or live outside of the distance to be offered a place i.e. distance from home to school is far greater than the last to be offered in the previous year or are in a lower criteria than the last to be ffW&VBखfBFV"G&6fW"ǖrf"V"26PbW"6B2V""BGFVG2fB662RvfPFG&6fW"FV"666WFV&W"RvVVBFǐ&Vf&RFR66rFFRbRV'FW&R&RF&VRV"662VƖrf"v6Rǒ&W''VFRV"66F&W'2vV2V"66Bv@VB6FVגॖR6ǒƖRBwwrVF֗762&rVg&У6WFV&W"FRƖ6F0FR66rFFRf"&V6VBbƖ6F2VFW"W" ƖR2RV'Ɩ6F2&V6VfVBgFW"F2FFRv&P66FW&VB2FRBv&RFVBvFgFW"FRffW"FFR`b&खbW"Ɩ6F2&V6VfVBgFW"FR66rFFRbRV'R&Rw&VFǒFV7&V6rW"66Rb'Fr6RBW &VfW'&VB66‡2खbRfR&WGW&VBƖ6F&WGvVVbV'@fV''V'BbFR&VrǒRW7B6F7BFPF֗762FV2W"Ɩ6F&R66FW&V@FS( rRfR&V6VFǒfVB( uRfR&bFBW"Ɩ6Fv27V&֗GFVBFP'WB2B&VV&V6VfVB'662F֗762&Vf&PRV'( uRfRW6WF6&7V7F6W2f"FVW72RrvW&R6vR&VB6&W"B&VVBFRW72&WfVFVBFPƖ6F&VrFRFR"FRf֖ǒ2&VVFVƖpvFFRFVFb66R&VFfRfrFG&W70bRfRgFW"7V&֗GFrW"Ɩ6Ff&'WB&Vf&RFP66rFFRRV'RW7Bf&FRF֗762FV bǖrƖRR6WFFRW"ƖRƖ6FvFW WrFG&W72WFFR66rFFRखbRfRFG&W72gFW"FR66rFFRbRV'B&PffW&VB6RVƖr66Rv&RVFFVBF&WFFB6RbRv6&VV&W"FB6R662vWB&RƖ6F0FFW&R&R6W2f&R6VR667FF7F72F&RvW2b"VƖr662RVVBF66FW"fW'6&VgVǒvWFW"R&RƖVǒF&V6VfRffW"&6VB৖W"7&FW&F7F6R6&VBFFBbFR7B6BF&PffW&VBFR&WfW2V"bRfRgFW"FR66rFFR'WB&Vf&RfV''V'PWFFRW"FG&W72BRWrFR&VfW&V6W2`Rv6FW6RW"WrFG&W72B6vRW"&VfW&V6P662RvVVBF6F7BFRF֗762FVV6PFRFBRW7B&RƗfrFR&W'G'fV''V'f"FRWrFG&W72B&VfW&V6W2F&R66FW&VBFRF֗7627Ffb&Rf&RFGf6R&VG2rf&VB&VfW&V6W26F7BFRF֗762FVЧF&FfGVGf6R6W76F2Fg&FrFV6V&W"&WGvVVGBW&6WfW6RFR7BFFRf"Ɩ6F2"6vW2F&RVFW&VBFFP77FV2fV''V'FW&Vf&R6vW26&R66FW&V@gFW"F2FFRVFgFW"FRffW"FFRbb&B7F'Fr&'66#