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Khalsa Primary School Children with brothers or sisters in Khalsa, ‘ siblings. ’ Parents who are seeking a school place for a child because he/she has a brother or sister who is a pupil at Khalsa Primary School must claim priority by filling in the correct details as requested on the Local Authority Common Application Form (CAF) and the school’s Supplementary Information Form (SIF). It is the responsibility of the parent to bring the details of the sibling relationship to the attention of the Admissions Panel. If the sibling relationship is not claimed at the time of application it will seriously affect the possibility of your child gaining a place at the school. Tie break Where only one place is available and two or more addresses produce identical distance measurements, the name of the applicant will be randomly selected by the Local Authority’s admissions system to allocate a place. Multiple births Where applications are received in respect of twins, triplets or children of other multiple births and the school is able to offer one child a place in accordance with the Admissions criteria, the school will offer a place to the other child (children) admitting above the published admission number where necessary. How places were offered in 2018 Admissions criteria Offers made on national offer day Criteria 1 to 4 All applicants offered Criteria 5 Distance of last child to be offered: 2.342 miles Waiting lists A waiting list will be maintained by the Governing Body in the order of the over subscription criteria and not in the order in which applications are received. When a place becomes available the school will advise the Local Authority of the child who is top of the list so that the home Local Authority can inform the parent that an offer can be made on behalf of the Governing Body. The awarding of the place will depend on whether the vacant place is Sikh or Other Faith, and will be awarded to the child in the relevant age group who most closely matches Criteria 2 or 3 as assessed by the Supplementary Information Form (SIF). Although we have your child’s name on the waiting list, the position is subject to fairly frequent changes because waiting list positions must be determined in line with the Admissions Criteria as and when a vacancy is available. Every time we have a vacancy we will review all names on the waiting list. If a vacancy occurs the child with the highest ranking will gain the vacant place in that year group Nursery admissions Applications for nursery are made directly to the school. Please visit the school website for information on nursery admissions: For detailed information about the school please visit the school website: Starting Primary School 2019 33