Primary School Prospectus Primary School Prospectus Admissions - Page 15

Admissions Criteria for Community Primary Schools PLEASE NOTE: The admission criteria for nursery schools are the same criteria as that for community primary schools IMPORTANT: Please note that admission to a nursery class does not guarantee admission to the main school on the nursery site. The criteria listed in order of priority are: 1. Looked after children or children who were previously looked after but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, child arrangements order, or special guardianship order. (NOTE definitions of looked after children or previously looked after children are detailed at the end of the criteria). 2. Children with a brother or sister who will be attending the main school (not the nursery class) at the time of admission*. 3. Children with a brother or sister who will be attending the main school (not the nursery class) on the same site* (this refers only to Berrymede Infant and Junior schools) at the time of admission. NOTE The words brother and sister refer to all blood, half, foster, step and adoptive brothers and sisters (not cousins) who live at the same home and in the same family unit as the child on a permanent basis or for the majority of time in any calendar year. A sibling relationship does not apply when the older child(ren) will leave before the younger one starts. 4. The distance from home to school as measured by straight-line, from a point in the property to a point in the school determined by the grid references for the centre of the school’s postcode. DEFINITION OF LOOKED AFTER AND PREVIOUSLY LOOKED AFTER CHILDREN A “looked after child” is a child who is (a) in the care of a local authority, or (b) being provided with accommodation by a local authority in the exercise of their social services functions (see the defin F6V7F#"bFR6G&V7BBFRFRbrƖ6FF66&WfW6ǒVBgFW"6G&V&R6G&VvvW&PVBgFW"'WB6V6VBF&R6&V6W6RFWvW&RFFVB"&V6P7V&V7BF6B'&vVVG2&FW""7V6wV&F6&FW VFFVǒfvrfr&VVVBgFW"6B'&vVVG0&FW"2FVfVB3bFR6G&V7B2VFVB'3"`FR6G&VBf֖ƖW27B#B6B'&vVVG2&FW'2&W6P&W6FV6R&FW'2B&W6FV6R&FW"f&6R&"F#"&#@2FVVVBF&R6B'&vVVG2&FW"7V6wV&F6&FW 2FVfVB'3DbFR6G&V7B2&FW"FrP"&RFfGV2F&R6N( 27V6wV&F"7V6wV&F2DR%$TFRWfVBFBFRF7F6W2&RWVFR6WF&GvG&pG2FFWFW&֖Rv6Ɩ6B6VB&RffW&VBFR6REt2E$UE2"DU"4E$Te$TDR$%D0FR6WF&GFW2BvfR&&GVFW"G2F֗767&FW&f"Gv2G&WG2"FW"6G&Vg&VFR&'F2vWfW"FR6WF&GvF֗BGv2B6G&Vg&VFR&'F0vVRbFR6&Ɩw22FRF'FWF6BF֗GFVB4E$TbUtŒDTB5Dd`gFW"FRV&Ɨ6VBffW"FFRvW&RFW&R2FV7G&&R606'FvRf"f6B7BFWVFVBWfFV6R2&WV&VBFPF֗76WF&Gv6RFR6G&VbWrFVRf"FP7BVW7FBFRFbFRvFrƗ7Bf"6W2BFR66FRV7W&r77FV2FVw&'BbFRF֗766gGv&P&GV6VB'7W&wBW6W2&F6R7W'fW2BFRp6B&W'GvWGFVW"B267W&FRF"WG&W2गBFW2BVFBvRv&R&RF6FR6RBFR66V&W7BFW"FG&W72खbGv"&R6G&VfRWV&&GVFW"FR7&FW&FP7&FW&bF7F6RvFV&RƖVB7F'Fr&'66#