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How to apply Applying online If your child was born between 1 September 2013 and 31 August 2014 you can apply online for a reception place from 1 September 2017 to 15 January 2018. If it was agreed that you could delay entry for your child to September 2018 and their date of birth does not fall in the above range you will need to make a paper application. How to apply online Go to for our ‘step by step’ guide on how to apply online. You will then be directed to to make your application. First you will be asked to register with eadmissions, you will then be supplied via email with a username and a password to access your eadmissions account. Once these have been received you will be able to log in and complete your application. Please keep your log in details safe as they will enable you to view and if necessary amend your application (up until the closing date) and to view the outcome on 16 April 2018. If you change your email address after submitting your application you must update your eadmissions account with your new email address to ensure you receive your offer email. When your application has been submitted you will be sent an email confirming your application details with a unique 16 digit application reference number that will look like the following: 307-2018-09-E-123456. This unique reference number is your proof of having submitted an application, please keep it somewhere safe. If you do not have an application reference number you have not completed the application. To apply on paper you will need to contact the Admissions Team for an application form. Completing your online or paper application Parent/Carer details: Please enter details of the person with parental responsibility for the child. All correspondence will be sent to the address provided. If your address is different to the child’s. address you will need to provide a written explanation with the application. Child’s details: Please complete your child’s name as it appears on their birth certificate. Do not use shortened names or nicknames. The address used must be your permanent home address. Please do not provide a business address, child-minder’s address, relative’s address or any address other than your permanent home address. Providing an incorrect or false address may result in your application being cancelled and any place offered on the basis of the address will be withdrawn. Shared responsibility Where the parents have shared responsibility and the child is residing with one parent for the majority of the time or on a permanent basis, the address of this parent must be used for the purposes of the application. Where parents have shared responsibility and the child lives with each parent for half of the calendar year, the parents must come to an agreement as to whose address will be used for the application. This address will be used to process the child’s application and can only be changed after the beginning of the academic year unless the address of the chosen parent changes during the admissions process. Proof of residency will be required. In all other cases of personal or family arrangements the address of the parent will be taken as the main residence unless there is irrefutable evidence that the child lives elsewhere either full-time or for most of the year with an adult under arrangements which have been endorsed by a court. Preferences: You may list up to 6 different state maintained primary schools or academies in or outside the borough of Ealing. You should try and use all the preferences available to you. We strongly recommend that you choose your nearest non faith school as one of your preferences. Consider the admissions arrangements of each of the schools you are applying to and, using the information about how places were offered in the past, consider how successful your application might be. You will find the statistics on page 10 & 11 which show how places were allocated at Ealing schools last year. The order in which you list your preferences is very important. If more than one of your chosen schools is able to offer you a place you will receive an offer for the school you have placed higher in your preference order and will be withdrawn from the lower preference schools. Current school: If your child is in nursery please complete the details even if this is independent or outside the borough of Ealing. Address: Please check that your address is within Ealing before completing a paper form, online applications will automatically be submitted to the home Local Authority. Starting Primary School 2018 5