primary-school-admissions - Page 43

St John Fisher Catholic Primary School Notes ‘Looked after child’ has the same meaning as in Section 22 of the Children Act 1989, and means any child in the care of a local authority or provided with accommodation by them (e.g. children with foster parents at the time of making an application to the school). ‘Adopted’. An adopted child is any child who has been formally adopted, having previously been in care and whose parent/ guardian can give proof of this. ‘Child arrangements order’. A child arrangements order is an order under the terms of the Children Act 1989 s.8 settling the arrangements to be made as to the person with whom the child is to live. Children ‘looked after’ immediately before the order is made qualify in this category. ‘Special guardianship order’. A special guardianship order is an order under the terms of the Children Act 1989 s.14A appointing one or more individuals to be a child’s special guardian(s). A child ‘looked after’ immediately before the order is made qualifies in this category. ‘Parent’ means the adult or adults with legal responsibility for the child. ‘Sibling’ means brother or sister to include step brothers and sisters, half brothers and sisters or adopted brothers and sisters, who live at the same home as the child. A sibling relationship does not apply when the older child(ren) will leave before the younger one starts. ‘Catholic’ means a member of a Church in full communion with the See of Rome. This includes the Eastern Catholic Churches. This will normally be evidenced by a Certificate of Baptism in a Catholic church or a Certificate of Reception into the full communion of the Catholic Church. ‘Certificate of Catholic Practice’ means a certificate given by the family’s parish priest (or the priest in charge of the church where the family practises) in the form laid down by the Bishops’ Confe