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ARK Byron Primary Academy The Vale, W3 7JT 020 3110 0787 Nursery: No l Breakfast club: No l Afterschool club: No DfE No: 307/2004 Type of school: Academy Headteacher: Fiona Kaplan Age range: 4-11 Planned admission number at 4 years: 60 Admissions criteria Tie breaker If Ark Schools is unable to distinguish between applicants using the published criteria, including those who live in blocks of flats with the same building entrance, places will be offered via a random draw which will be supervised by someone independent of the academy. The below criteria has been summarised, for the full admissions policy and arrangements please visit the school website: Where the number of applications is greater than the planned admission number, applications will be considered against the criteria set out below. After the allocation of children with an EHC plan,the admission criteria will be applied in the following order of priority: 1. Looked After Children and Children who have been previously looked after (pursuant to the Admissions Code). 2. Children of staff at the school where there is a demonstrable skill shortage – Children of members of staff will have priority in the oversubscription criteria if the staff member is filling a post for which there is a demonstrable skill shortage. Ark Schools is required to approve the Principal’s designation of such posts and confirm the assessment that a member of staff appointed meets the requirements of the shortage. Priority will be limited to one place for each form of entry in any year. 3. Children who at the time of the admission have a sibling who attends the academy. For this purpose “sibling” means a whole, half or step-brother or -sister or an adopted child resident at the same address. 4. Children of staff in the school – Where there is no demonstrable skill shortage, priority may be given where the academy is oversubscribed to a child of a person who will have been employed in the academy for two or more years at the t RFRƖ6Ff"F֗762FR&&Gv&RƖ֗FVBFR6Rf"V6f&bVG'V"RF7F6RV7W&VVB( 26N( 2Rv&RFRFG&W70Bv6FR6B&ǒ&W6FW2Bv62&VVFfVBFFR6FVגBFW"&VWfBvV6W22&VpFR6N( 2&6Rb&W6FV6RVFR&'F2"'&FW'2B67FW'2FR6RV"w&WvW&RFW&R2ǒR6Rf&RFR6FVג&Fv&R66FW&VBFvWFW"2RƖ6Fआr6W2vW&RffW&VB#pF֗7607&FW&ffW'2FRFffW"F7&FW&FBƖ6G2ffW&V@7&FW&RF7F6Rb7B6BF&PffW&VCCSbb֖PvFrƗ7G07V&V7BF&f62&Vv&FrvFrƗ7G2FR( 06&FFVBF֗7666VRFR6FVגvW&FPvFrƗ7BvW&RV"FR6FVג&V6VfW2&PƖ6F2f"6W2FFW&R&R6W2f&RvFpƗ7BvW&FRVFFRVBbFR7VW"FW&FW&VgFW"&VG26&W'2v&Rw&GFVF6rbFWv6f"FV 6BF&VFRvFrƗ7BF2v&RFVB'FP6FVגBBv&RVF&VB6&W"F6f"0"W"6N( 2RF&R6VBFRvFrƗ7BfvrV7V66W76gVƖ6F6N( 26FFRvFrƗ7Bv&RFWFW&֖VB6Vǐ66&F6RvFFRfW'7V'67&F7&FW&6WBWB&fRvV6W2&V6Rf6BFWv&R6FVBF6G&VFRvFrƗ7B66&F6RvFFRfW'7V'67&F7&FW&f"FWFVBf&F&WBFR66V6Rf6@FR66vV'6FSwwr&'&&pVƖr6V6V7W&W2F7F6R&Vbb&662FPWFBFWFBf"V7W&VVBB66VV7F&WGvVVWVƖ6G2BF6RƗfrfG2vǒ7F'Fr&'66##