PRIMA winter19

Winter 2019 PRIMA Volume 22, Issue 1 Newsletter for the Excellence Through Classics (ETC), a committee of the American Classical League (ACL) Motivated Mythology HS Students Rejoice; National Mythology Exam Now Offers HS Option! •10 questions on the Crow Creation story (grades 6-8 must take this section) •10 questions on Odyssey XI or Aeneid Book VI (grades 7-12 must take either section) •20 questions on Ovid’s Metamorphoses Book X (grades 9-12 must take this section) Gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded to high achieving students in all grades. A complete bibliography is available online at the National Mythology Exam website. The Crow creation story used this year is available on that same web page. RESOURCES UPDATE The Teaching Modules for both the National Mythology Exam and the Exploratory Latin Exam have been updated to the new themes (Underworld and Geography). Teachers can either buy the entire Teaching Module or purchase the Expansion Module. The National Mythology Exam is excited to present a changed format, a new comparative story, and a special section for high school students! The 2019 Greco-Roman mythology theme is the Underworld. The Creation Story of the Crow people is the featured comparative story. Since omnia mutantur, the first NME section created especially for high school students will feature Ovid’s Metamorphoses Book X. This year's test will include: •30 questions on general Greco-Roman mythology (grades 3-12 must take this section) •10 questions on the Underworld theme (grades 5-8 must take this section) The Expansion Module includes NEW activities, for those who may have purchased the full Teaching Module (or packet, as they used to be called) from ETC. ACL members do receive a discount on purchases. This year we have SEVEN new activities and THREE new simple Latin stories for the Geography Theme and approximately THIRTY new activities for the Underworld. Also available is the Crow Module, a packet that includes a series of activities for reviewing and learning about the Featured Comparative Myth for the 2018-2019 school year. Don't forget that all of our prior modules are also available, which can be used not only to supplement any classroom curriculum but are great for sub plans! [! 1 ]