Preventing Infant Mortality in Georgia February 2019 - Page 8

8 Healthcare Georgia Foundation Figure 2. Number of Family Planning Clients Completing a Reproductive Life Plan In the area of prenatal care, Figure 3 depicts the percentage of new prenatal clients completing reproductive life plan assessments during a prenatal visit from 2012 through 2016. For the Dougherty, Colquitt and Clayton sites, this was a newly-implemented activity under TCOY. For the Lowndes site, this was not a new activity, but an area of focus prior to the inception of TCOY. While all sites realized success implementing this activity for their prenatal clients, the Clayton County site acknowledged that high rates of staff turnover from 2015 to 2016 contributed to a decline in their rates for the 2016 program year compared to the 2015 year. Figure 3. Percent of New Prenatal Clients Completing a Reproductive Life Plan Assessment during Pregnancy