Press Club Brussels Europe #WeLoveBrussels - Page 9

This year, Brussels’ summer-garden-and-terrace scene has an addition. Summer Set urban garden is tucked in the heart of the city, just besides the busy Port de Namur intersection. It is a great place to spend some of your sunny afternoons in Brussels. In Summer Set you will enjoy unpretentiously alluring outdoor decor, good music and tasty drinks, as well as unknown perspective  of Brussels.  It seems like a nice summer escape. Parking 58 has for years been famous for unforgettable views of Brussels’ skyline. In summer it has been a place for some rooftop apéros. This year the concept is returning under a veil of Rooftop 58. Tip: to get there, take an elevator. Frunch is a creative way of lunching on Fridays. A term as such was coined by Visit.Brussels a couple of years ago; it corresponds to a relaxing Friday lunch, where you meet your friends, relish street food, enjoy some chilly drinks and relax to the sounds of good music. Frunch takes place in the courtyard of BIP in the heart of Place Royale. Usually on Fridays from May to September, three random food trucks offer street food and drinks. Frunch takes place at a good location with plenty of tables and chairs, and excellent music. On top of that, chatty and happy people spread urban, summer vibes around the courtyard. Similarly to other European capitals, Brussels has a sandy beach too. Namely, every summer a part of the Canal Zone transforms into Bruxelles-LesBains. Despite not having visited the beach yet I have seen some inviting photos of the place; thus, it has made to my bucket-list of things to do during the warm days of July. My recommendations above highlight just a few of my favorite activities when I am in Brussels during a summer. One should mention here that neighborhoods of St-Gilles, Marolles, St. Cathrenes and Ixelles offer excellent and exciting options of interesting cafes, galleries and events all year round. My advice to anyone in Brussels is: search, search, search — remember that tiny, hidden streets usually hide away the most interesting places. n 9