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Benfica’s football games. This is the place, at least for those who come from this country, where you can find the little things that make you feel the saudade an untranslatable Portuguese word expressing simultaneously a mix of nostalgia and happiness. David was born in Beira, Angola, and grew up in this former-Portuguese colony until 1975. Following the Portuguese revolution, he had to run away with his family to Portugal. At the age of 14, he lost everything and had to come to Europe. When he turned 18, he fell in love with a girl and decided to go Brussels, where she worked. 32 years later, they are still in love.  This man worked hard: he was a truck driver, working more than 16 hours a day. Today, he runs a restaurant all by himself in a country where he didn’t speak a word of the language at first. He had to fight to earn what he has today. If you ask David: “how was it?” he will tell you that it was hard but he’s now living a dream, his dream. He will tell you that Brussels gave him everything and that he never felt any animosity from the locals. If you ask him if he wants to go back to Portugal, he will tell you “no way”. Don’t get him wrong; David loves Portugal, his home country. However, his family, his sons and possibly grandsons are in Brussels. Why should he go back to his country?  When you think about it, the “Davids of Brussels” also live in a bubble. Not the same bubble where the others expats live in, but still. It is his bubble. According to your community, your life style and most importantly, your history you will discover various bubbles in Brussels. This is why I am living in the most exciting city in Europe that can’t surrender to brutality. We are still shocked by the moment of terror we lived last March 22. But we cannot surrender. Throughout this magazine we will remind you why #WeLoveBrussels. n 5