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And last, Doi Tung set up a network of 17 coffee shops – because selling coffee in a cup is hugely profitable (with 142 shots/kilo). This produces around USD 115/ kg in Thailand, (and about USD 400 in Europe!) – true value generation! Such innovative approaches (there are 4 diversified business groups in Doi Tung) earned the Foundation the coveted Schwab Social Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2009. 2. Community buy-in is the vital process that is so different from frequently-seen “imposed solutions” that come from well-intentioned (usually foreign) agencies. The Thai approach builds programmes with the community – empowering them to become part of the solution. In Doi Tung, the various development steps were developed with the community in meetings organised by the Foundation. There, issues were highlighted, socio/economic data collected (providing a base line to measure progress) and “local wisdom” identified – knowledge that the community brings to the project. 3. Value-Added opportunities (and the profit motive). There persists a deep-seated suspicion (at worst) or a lack of hands-on knowledge and experience (at best) of basic business-skills by much of the development community - and a subsequent unwillingness to do what it takes to generate value. This invariably transl