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TRAVEL PULSE 你好 Hong Kong, where is my hill? by Dominique Curchod Dominique Curchod is a journalist and TV producer. He advises a number of Olympic federations and major watchmaking brands, for which he suggests the appropriate formats and media approaches to increase their worldwide visibility and exposure on visual media – from TV to social media. He has a huge global network of contacts in the media world and which allows him to ensure that his clients are always present. But his (almost) secret garden is a property in Tuscany, on the coast, facing Elba, which he manages with his partner Francesca: a boutique hotel, a restaurant, a farm: a corner of paradise called Poggio ai Santi. China opened itself to the world at the end of the 1970s. Slowly. First came the small steps of American tennis table teams. Artists like Yehudi Menuhin gave concerts and talks: sport and culture. Then the great political leap forward, with a visit by Nixon in February 1972. 32 For the West, the China of the 1960s and 1970s was somewhat like today’s North Korea. A sort of «hic sunt leones» that was only heard about via the eulogistic or provocative communiqués of the Xinhua agency.