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The New York Press Club illustrated the projects already planned for its presidency in 2019 with a special focus on investigative journalism -and the management of the increasing numbers of freelancers particularly among younger journalists. The idea of creating a better relationship with news organisations could also help increase the level of employment of younger journalists who are unfortunately suffering from the crisis in the profession. The New Delhi Press Club represented in Geneva by Dr. Waiel Awwad, a member of its advisory board, explained how the club works and its monthly meetings with press and diplomats to share ideas and projects. The club tries to maintain its professional independence and to establish rules also for -young people who enter the profession. The Singapore Press Club, through its honorary secretary Santosh Kumar, informed the Assembly about its policy on corporate and individual membership (corporate members cannot vote in the running of the Club) and its support for students of journalism to whom it offers scholarships. The club also sponsors a world press photo competition. 30 The closing session of the meeting was a special one devoted to the opportunities for press clubs to communicate through social media, co-branding initiatives, shared streaming content and press release writing, using tools from different sources (e.g.,