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Table of contents Editorial address 4 EDITORIAL The Press Club Brussels Europe Magazine Rue Froissart 95 1000 Brussels Belgium 6 #WeLoveBrussels Press Club Brussels Europe Jonathan Kapstein, President Maria Laura Franciosi, Founding President Laurent Brihay, Director 6 Why do I love Brussels? Boro Milovic 8 Summer in Brussels Karolina Buzaljko 10 Place du Jeu de Balle flea market Sandy Tsakiridi António Buscardini 11 Chouconut Sandy Tsakiridi Editorial contributors 12 The «London», a special place just in front of the European Parliament Frank Schwalba-Hoth 14 Press walk in Brussels Maria Laura Franciosi 18 The Museum of la Bande Dessinée Willem De Graeve 20 Les correspondants francophones, ils aiment aussi Bruxelles Club de la Presse francophone Editor-in-chief António Buscardini, Boro Milovic, Karolina Buzaljko, Sandy Tsakiridi, Frank Schwalba-Hoth, Maria Laura Franciosi, Willem De Graeve, Club de la Presse francophone, H.E. Elizabeth Simbrão, Patrícia Nogueira, Dominique Curchod, Lawrence Watson, Vicent Fenollar Photos Instagram @Tintin_in_real, #WeLoveBrussels,, Musée de la Bande Dessinée, Embassy of Angola, Erik Cleves Kristensen Layout and print Alain Fritsch Impresor Ariane Publishing and distribution Press Club Brussels Europe. For reproduction of any texts or photos permission must be sought directly from the copyright holders. Disclaimer The content engages only the responsibility of the writers. 22 COUNTRY PROFILES 22 Reasons to invest in Angola H.E. Elizabeth Simbrão 26 PRESS CLUB NEWS 26 Melgaço International Documentary Film Festival Patrícia Nogueira 28 Press Club Brussels Europe elected to have the Presidency of the International Association of Press Clubs starting in 2018 Maria Laura Franciosi 32 TRAVEL PULSE 32 你好 Hong Kong, where is my hill? Dominique Curchod 34 Competition “Tree of the year 2016” 36 Making development sustainable in Thailand Lawrence Watson 38 The Valencian Sistine Chapel Vicent Fenollar 3