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the project is that the European Federation of Press Clubs will share know-how and experience for the creation of an African Federation of Press Clubs in the near future. For the time being the Kigali Press Club will be active in opening the way for future memberships for the International Association of Press Clubs from several African press clubs. At the start of the General Assembly, before each individual press club present in Geneva gave its presentation on the activities of the year, there was the traditional handover of roles from the previous 20152016 presi- dency, held by the Circolo della Stampa of Milano to the Geneva Press Club who has managed the Federation during the last 12 months. And so it was Mrs Gabriella Piroli, a journalist working in Milano and member of the Lombardy of ce of the FNSI (Federazione Nazionale Stampa Italiana), who represented the Circolo della Stampa president, and of cially handed the “crown” of the European Federation presidency to Mr Guy Mettan, the long-standing head of the Geneva Press Club. The members present also voted on future presidencies of the European Federation and of the International Association, with Warsaw in 2017, hopefully New York or USA in 2019, London in 2020. After going round the table when every club explained its activities and philosophy, particularly in defending the freedom of the press in a period when the profes- sion is becoming really dangerous in many countries, some basic principles inspiring the activities of the press clubs in Europe and in the world were empha- sised. The presence of the Bielorussian representatives provided the opportunity to reiterate the importance of an independent press. This is why the Bielorussian journalists need to be supported. The secretary general of the International Association of Press Clubs, Jaroslaw Wlodarczyk explained that in the IAPC specific support will be offered to students of journalism to help them participate in speci c European Union programmes such as “Erasmus plus”. The International Association has also launched a project of getting journalists to give lectures to university students in their countries about issues linked to journalism. The Jerusalem Press Club announced their international conference on press freedom to be held in May 2017 whereas the International Association of Press Clubs through their secretary general announced an initiative on May 3rd 2017 to honour fallen journalists all over the world 29