Press Club Brussels Europe #WeLoveBrussels - Page 28

PRESS CLUB NEWS Press Club Brussels Europe elected to have the Presidency of the International Association of Press Clubs starting in 2018 by Maria Laura Franciosi Maria Laura Franciosi is a freelance journalist and acts as a consultant for the training of journalists. She is the Founding President of the Press Club Brussels Europe. Since 1998 she has been a senior collaborator of the European Journalism Centre. She also coordinated the media programme of the European Citizens Consultations. As honorary president of J@YS (Journalists at Your Service), she trains journalists and organises briefings and conferences. In the past, Maria Laura was a lecturer on Language and Politics at the London School of Economics (LSE) from NM NM[]H[]\]HوYH[[ NMY\XB[YSH H][X[]Y[JH\HHܚY[[ H[YKۙۈ[\[\\X]HYY\H\HܙX]\HوX]]H]H[]B\X[ZY SX^HۈH\[ۈوB[X[[\[\[XHوH]\X[Y\][ۈو\XX\YX\[YY]H[\[\[XHوH[\][ۘ[\X][ۈو\Xˈ܈H\[YH\X][ۜ]\Y]\[\H\Y[Bو^HY][^X]]H\X܈وH[]B\X[\]H[Y[X\\[Bܝ[]HYY]XYY\H[ݙ\Bܛ[XYHۈ]\H]YY\˂[وHXZ[\X\H\\[Y]HYY][[[]K]\]\[\H\HY[X\H][ܚ[\ܙK][Kۙۋ\\Z[[\\[[K\][ٝ\ []KY[KZ[)\B\H\Y\H\[Y[K\؛ۋ\[ۘK[ۋYYK[8)[[\ܝ[]YH܈H\X\[‘]\H\HX\[ۈZ[HHY[X\˜]\]H\Y[HوH[\][ۘ[\X][ۈو\X܈HYX\ N L H\X\[]\H\[][\BوH][X][\YX[ڙXX[H][Y]\]HP YX[\XX[XYXB[Y\ˈHY[H\X[[KB\\[]]H\[HY[XH][YH[]BYY][\YXYHHY[X\وH]\X[Y\][ۋ]\]Y\\X\YHHY[X\™]\Y[[]H[Y[H\Hݚ\[ۘ[Y[X\وH]\X[Y\][ۈو\X˂HڙXوܙX][[YX[\XY\][ۈYY[][Y[ۛH[ MۈB\[ۈوHYY][ܙ[\YHHP]\]H\X\[]\KHZ[