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Several film directors reveal their narratives with an aesthetic value, in a competitive exhibition, awarded with the prize Jean Loup Passek, highlighting topics such as identity, memory and the border. It is a way to promote social and ethnographic film, as well as to foster tolerance and question the geographical limits imposed to human beings. Thus, the festival’s third edition has selected a variety of perspectives, not only from political and social films, but also from poetic essays and autobiographical narratives, that explore and question memory. Perhaps because Portugal has always been (and still is) a country of emigrants, its relationship with space, borders and memory is of particular relevance to the country’s identity and, especially, to Melgaço’s region. Cinema has always been an important medium of expression, allowing Diaspora’s communities to share their identity, representing the feeling of displacement of globally dispersed families, their uprooting and stigmatization, when trying to establish themselves in new locations. Migration and identity processes in cinematic representation, will be a matter for questioning and reflection in the Summer Seminar “Off Screen”. A multidisciplinary debate will be stimulated and artistic, technological, social and human sciences perspectives in films will be brought together. Albeit talking of memories, we did not want to stay in the past. In FILMES DO HOMEM - Melgaço International Documentary Film Festival, we look for stories of the present time domain representing life experience and identities, pursuing, with this thinking, to look towards the future. n To prevent these fragments of history from disappearing, it is important to find and record these stories, creating an audiovisual archive made of still and moving images. Through artist residencies addressed to young creators, the municipality has been building a collection. In the festival’s two previous editions, documentary films and photographs were already displayed. In 2016, young artists will be received, once more, to continue representing local memories. 27