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COUNTRY PROFILES Reasons to invest in Angola by H.E. Elizabeth Simbrão H.E. Elizabeth Simbrão is the Ambassador of Angola in the Kingdom of Belgium, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Diplomatic Mission at the European Union. Angola is a potentially rich country, characterised by abundant reserves of natural resources such as oil, natural gas, diamonds and other minerals, a vast hydrographic network, vast expanses of arable land and a tropical climate that is very favourable for agriculture, livestock, fishing, hunting and rural tourism. After achieving independence, in 1975, Angola was ravaged by a civil war that lasted nearly 30 years, resulting in the massive destruction of its basic infrastructures, with deep negative consequences for its economic and social development. Upon the end of the war, in 2002, the country regained peace and stability. It took on the great challenge of national reconstruction, which entailed rebuilding its physical infrastructures, completely destroyed by the war, and developing integrated social projects of paramount importance, in or \\ܙHHX[[[X[XX]\\\\XH[XYY\B\[وH\YYۙX \YܙKH[x&\˜\[]X[[XۛZXX[]H\H^HX܂܈]X[\X[\Y[[H\[\Xܜ]HY][ܙX\[[\[X[ۈ[۝X][]\YZ[]Xۛ^K\]HH\[YX[[\ۛY[ YX]HHXۛZX[[[X[ܚ\\YX[˜[Y\[X\][\[Hܛ [x&\œX܈ܛ[][Y[\H]\[\Y[ˈH[x&\ܛY\XX H\]T L [[ۈ H[]XۛZX™ܛ]H\ۙHوHY\[H[\HYX[۝[[ ]\][]H[ܝYB[X\[H[\][ۘ[X\] [x&\۝[Y\ܛ]H[ܙH܈\XH]Hو B LK ˎIH M H[ ˌ H MH H\[X]Y K[H\HXۙ\\X\وܝYH[[XTZ\[YXH Y\Y\XJK]\[X[ۈY\\[[X\H Z[[ۂ\[\^KܝYH[^ܝ\HH[x&\›XZ[\Hو][YKX[[܈MˌIHق[X[^ܝ[XZ[\X] Hو M KH[[X\[Hۜ\]Y[XܙX\H[][YK\[ܙX][[\܂H[\[X\] X[܈HX\\B[[]]XHXY\Y[وݙ\Y[[ڙX[ܘ[[Y\XܛH\ ]\X[[\[H\Y[ܝ[]Y\™܈[ݘ][ۈ[܈HY\X[وH]Z[XH\\\X[\[\Y[ڙX]۝X]H[ܙX\[ۋ[[ \XHܙ\][HYX[H[x&\™\[[HۈۙH[H^ܝ [\Y[ܝ[]Y\•H\و][ۘ[XۜX[ۈ[]\YX][ۈوHXۛ^H[HYH[Hو\[\›ܝ[]Y\XܛH\[\Xܜˈ]]H[\ܜ]HX\[XܜوH[[Xۛ^K[Y[ۜX[ۈ[[\X\H][Y[ ]H^\[ۈوXܜ\YYY\8&[]]x&K[H][ۘ[X\]H[Y[KX\B[\H^\]H\ۜX[]HوH]K