Press Club Brussels Europe #WeLoveBrussels - Page 13

Reason two: a real diverse place. Brussels EU is not only the mix of 28 EU member states, it is Argentinians, Azerbaijani, Canadians, Japanese, Koreans, Kuwaiti, Turkish and Uzbek as well - and I have met them all (and many other nationalities) in the London. Common people and stars: the Belgian Prime Minister and the astronaut who walked with Armstrong on the moon, Ambassadors and Congolese opposition leaders ... The London is certainly not the most posh place on Place Luxembourg, The London is (to repeat: based on 32 years in the E H]X\\HHXH\H[\\Y\\Y\^H [\^JHXXY\\[[Š[\[[H[H܈H[\\[ۈ܂HYX[[ܙ\\]ZY]H܈Z[H]\˂X\ۈYN]\]K\H\HX\[BUH]X\\\H[H[YY]\XX[H]\܈ܙY[܈[[\܈\\܈][X[܂\[\[H܈[Z\[ۈٙXX[܈ ][Bۙۈ[H[[H[[YZ^و[و[KX\ۈ\\ܞKH\Z[^H[\‚\HZ[[HRˈ[][HY[BN ˈHۛH[XZ[[ܚY[[Z[][ۂH]\[\H^[X\Z[][ۂ\Y\T[ܛX][ۈ[H HZ[[ N M B\[Hܚ[YX[\ [[\^K\XK[H[]Z[KHۙۈ H]Y\ZYHY]\H]Z[][ۈ\HZ^و[و[N\\ۙ\\X[ܛY[[H[]\K[[[X\Έ\Y\[و\\H\BY][ۘ[X\ۜ\H[HۙێX\HXZ٘\XK\H\[\Y[X[Z]\]\\\]\[ۙ\Y][Y\][\X[]\YX][ ۛ\H ML\^Hو\Y\ \XZ[[\\\KYH]\\H]\[[œوܝ[Y\ H[ۘ\\H\H[]\^YY܈H[JKL‚