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JAGUARS KICK OFF NEW SEASON WITH NEW UNIFORMS Dolphins and the 1996 regular season fi nale win over the Atlanta Falcons that sent the Jaguars to their fi rst-ever playoff appearance. Jaguars Executive Vice President of Football Operations Tom Coughlin wanted a “traditional, classic, distinctive National Football League uniform that could be related to.” The Jaguars’ new helmets feature a high-gloss black paint and “JAX” on the front 3-D bumper to honor the City of Jacksonville. “I wanted to see the return of tradition. I wanted to see the distinctiveness. I wanted the shiny black helmet with a beautiful Jaguars logo,” said Tom Coughlin. “I wanted to be represented that way. Just exactly how I’ve explained it: the classic Jaguar uniform. To a player, the uniform means everything. Because when you put that uniform on you not only represent your franchise, your team, your community; you represent your family. You represent your parents, your wife, your children, everything packed into one because your name is on the back of that uniform.”