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DRESSED FOR SUCCESS THE JAGUARS ARE TAKING THE FIELD IN 2018 WITH A FRESH LOOK. In April of this year, the team unveiled brand new uniforms at the team’s annual State of the Franchise presentation. Jaguars Owner Shad Khan described the uniforms as “no- nonsense, all business and unmistakably Jaguars.” The uniform features three jersey options (black, white, teal), three pants options (black, white, teal) and two sock options (standard, color rush teal). Black and white will serve as the Jaguars primary home and away looks, with the fan-favorite all teal look as the alternate. New this year, NFL teams are now allowed to wear their alternate jerseys during as many as three regular season games. In the 2017 season, the Jaguars brought back teal jerseys as part of their #FOREVERTEAL campaign and secured a victory against the Cincinnati Bengals on November 5. The team hadn’t worn teal since 2013, despite holding a winning record when wearing teal jerseys historically. The Jaguars have worn teal for several memorable victories, including the 1999 AFC Divisional win over the Miami