Prepception March 2014

Issue: 1 LP/2 Publishing Prepception No bias. Leading news source for Robert College 28 March 2014 Friday T r e a s u r i n g Yo u r Prep Year By Ela Dayanıklı Y ou’ve made it! Now you’re on the property of things that you can - high school students playing football Robert College, and you’re not just a visitor; do to treasure a year like this and take my word; you you’re a student here! You got here by work- won’t be as lost next year. Pelinsu Birşey, a swimmer ing like a horse, having no life other than from LP2, didn’t swim while she was in 8th grade. She sitting in a car and riding to your dershane, then going found the courage in herself to start swimming this year back home. Same air, same people, same pencils, same and now in her own words she says: “When I started my teachers, same test books. Well, hope you had time to prep year, I fell into a hole. There were all sorts of things I say goodbye because this year is nowhere like 8 th grade. could do. I knew I had to start with something; I had to Just keep in mind that prep year is gold, and nothing gold make my year worth it. That’s why I can stay if you don’t work hard to keep it. It’s the opportunity to extend your knowledge on English and impress your friends, it’s your opportunity to make an impression, it’s your opportunity to try everything. Prep year is mandatory for a reason, not for you to think that you’re getting th a free pass on your way to 9 grade. You might even find what you want to do ahead of time. Well, you have probably been thinking: “Well, since this year is going to be so empty I might as well go to Kanyon everyday!” Stop right started swimming again.” Buket Mat, a student from LP2, started playing tennis. She says that it was one of her best decisions, she is glad that she started a new thing by using the prep’s opportunities. Beri Kohen, from LP1 who was a former tennis player, quit playing tennis in 8 th grade. He also uses this year to enhance his skills. So, our new friend, our new Prep, understand how worthy this year is. Treasure it, make it stay gold. You won’t forget Prep. there sir. Of course you can fool around, there isn’t anyone stopping you. Just be sure that 9th grade will make Works Cited: you regret every second you spent by going back and "The Suzuki Association of Massachusetts Official Website." The Suzuforth between Kanyon’s corridors. Instead of knowing every corner of Istanbul malls, there are many things you can do to eliminate the emptiness of Lise Prep. Go join a club, stay after school to strengthen your English skills, sign up for lessons outside school, start playing an instrument, try to master in French… There are all sorts of ki Association of Massachusetts Official Website. Suzuki Music Schools of Massachusetts, n.d. Web. 26 Mar. 2014. Varoz, Mike. "Hughes Martin's - Park City Spring Update." Active Rain. ActiveRain Corp., 8 May 2008. Web. 26 Mar. 2014.