Premiere Philadelphia Show Preview 2018 - Page 24

Ashtae Products Twist & Curves featuring Maria Thompson The Art of Loc Styling Sun 11:30a - 12:15p Silkiest Silk Press featuring Sheryl Williams Sun 10:30 - 11:15a Room 123 How do you create a silky look on natural hair without relaxer, keratin, or a smoothing system? We will show you step-by-step how to create the silkiest silk press you’ve ever achieved that will actually last for your client. Learn proper hydration techniques and how to maintain natural or transitional hair textures. Short Statements featuring Wendy Evans & Kiki Judge Mon 9:30 - 10:15a Room 123 Extensions are great, but short styles are in! Learn how to style and create looks you’ve seen on celebrities such as Toni Braxton and Nia Long. We’ll show you how to take a short look from daytime chic to night-time glam! Chuck Caple 24 24 Who said locs could not be styled and were not versatile enough? Knowing how to groom locs is one thing, but knowing how to style them is another. Allow Master Loctician, Maria, to show you four basic styling techniques that will allow you to challenge your creative flow and distinguish yourself from other stylists. Create one style, with many looks that will take your client from day to evening, making them the envy of the town! Invisible Crochet Braids Sun 2:30 - 3:15p Room 124 It’s okay to bleach hair and tone with a semi permanent. It’s okay to use semi permanent on all of your clients. But total hair coloring happens when and only when you venture into permanent coloring and explore the art of “formulation”. Chuck will take you through 10 simultaneous steps of formulation that will get you the color desired every time. It’s strategic and it demands a lot of “thinking” and “total concentration”. It is a fact that if you don’t know how to don’t know hair coloring. Hair Cutting (Nobody Breaks it Down Like Chuck) Mon 11:30a - 12:15p Room 124 Wouldn’t it be great if you could receive advance and trending haircutting techniques and get it in a simplified way? Chuck has got what you need. He is skilled in taking the most complex cutting techniques and breaking it down so that even the most inexperienced stylists can understand. Come learn more than a couple of cuts, but the underlying principles so you can achieve any cut you want. This is a valuable class whether you are a student, new stylist or a seasoned professional. If you ever wanted to find an educator who can break cutting down the way you can understand it, this is the class for you! Room W311C Quick & Easy Protective Styles For Naturally Curly Textured Hair Are you a stylist turning away or losing clients because you do not know how to take care of naturally curly tresses, the correct products to use, how to speak their lingo or how to style naturally textured hair? Allow Maria to show you how easy it can be to maintain naturally curly textured clients. Learn how to retain your clients, which products to use, protective styling options during the transitional phase with invisible crochet braids and basic styles for curly, textured hair. Starting and Maintaining Locs Mon 10:30 - 11:15a The Only Real Way To Color Hair - Formulation! Sun 10:30 - 11:15a Room 123 Room 123 There are numerous myths on starting and maintaining locs. This class will address your questions on how long it takes to loc hair, the best products to use on locs, how often to wash them, whether beeswax can or should be used, starting locs on relaxed hair and more. You will also learn three different ways to start locs, how to wash them, the dos and don’ts for maintaining them, how to do a proper client consultation, and when to use interlocking vs palm rolling based on texture. BASiC Hair Care featuring Frachette Bradley Ten Steps to Successful Chemical Relaxing Sun & Mon 10:30 - 11:15a Room 120B This class will focus on texture management and how to gain control of the hair by chemically relaxing tresses. Learn how to analyze the hair structure and scalp with proper consultation and analyzation and be able to revive, renew and restore what the hair is missing with 10 simple steps to success with BASiC Hair Care GPS 90 Transformation systems. Relaxing hair is BASiC! See page 16 for an additional class by BASiC Hair Care Register by August 25 & Save $10 Off Day of Show Price