Premiere Philadelphia Show Preview 2018 - Page 18

Zenagen AesthetiDerm featuring Jared Reynolds featuring Dr. Ayyaz M. Shah How Hair Loss Happens and What Stylist Can Do to Help Sun 10:30 - 11:15a Room 117.2 Learn the basics of how hair loss happens and what new technologies are helping stylists get better results with less time. This class is designed to be interactive and fun and will help salon professionals increase their knowledge and confidence about hair loss and alopecia. Female Hair Loss, the Fastest Growing Issue in the Industry Mon 10:30 - 11:15a Room 117.2 Most people think men first when if comes to hair loss, but women are the largest growing group of hair loss clients. This class will teach you how female hair loss happens and the various types of hair loss differences men and women have, as well as what new products are out there that can help. PureO Natural Products Natural Remedies for Hair Loss and Hair Thinning Sun 11:30a - 12:15p Room 117.2 18 18 Learn how to look for signs and symptoms of the differing types of alopecias; more specifically,how to differentiate scarring vs non scarring alopecia. Clinical pearls will be shared on diagnostic clues, workup and treatment options as well as where clinically indicated, referral to the appropriate hair loss specialist. Androgenetic Alopecia A.K.A. Male Pattern Baldness Mon 2:30 - 3:15p Learn natural remedies that can help your clients that are dealing with the struggles of hair loss. In this class you will learn how to stop DHT from reaching and destroying hair follicles and how to provide essential nutrients and repair enzymes for hair follicle recovery. This is a class you do want to miss. In this class, discover the available therapeutic options to combat male pattern baldness. This class will also discuss the role of various contributors in daily life. At the end of this class,attendees should be able to discuss and provide a consultation to their clients seeking treatment for male pattern baldness. Sharon's Total Hair Transformation featuring Sharon Reams The Cover Up Technique Mon 9:30 - 10:15a Room 117.2 Designed for clients that have thinning hair in the crown of the head. Learn how the style options are endless without the use of braids, glues, clips, links or infusions, leaving clients the ability to part their hair anywhere. The thinning areas are completely covered and protected creating a head full of natural looking hair. Tru Beauty Concepts featuring Tru Beauty Education Team Room 118B See page 29 for an additional class by Sharon’s Total Hair Transformation Presented by Tru Beauty Concepts Discover how to solve some of the most challenging issues that surround thinning hair. Learn specific extension placement for difficult areas, like bangs, crown, top and sides of the head by using the micro bonding technique with fusion extensions and offer real solutions for your clients. Create unbelievable results, you never thought about with extensions. National Trichology Training Institute ColorProof Color Care Authority featuring David OShell, Phillip Wilson & Mel Paldino BioRepair-8 ® - Tips & Tricks for Fine and Thinning Hair Mon 2:30 - 3:15p Room 118B featuring Connie J YK\YYYX\HX[HXX]Z\”[ L H NM\ [ۈ Ό H M\H LMˌYHYH ܈[Y][ۘ[\HY\]Q\BX]\[XHܙYܚYBXYHH[[Z\XX[\[  H NM\RTΈXYۛ\ܚ\[X]Y[ق[[ۛH[[\Y[XX\”[  H NM\H LMˌH LMˌ۝\H[\[YYY[&\Z\\][[[YHY \[\X\H\X\K\\ [\X\X]\ܛ[ۙH\X[Y[\\H X[H\X]Y[܈[\ܙ\[Z\\][]HHX[HX܋U\]Z[XH܈][[\\˂] Hو[Y\X[Y[Y\[HZ\[[Z\\HXZ܂ۘ\و[\Y[[K[\\[x&[Z[HۙY[HY\Z\˜[ݚYHH\Z^Y][ۈ܈]\HY[ \ݙ\\Z\\\B\[HYX][HX][[܋]X]YZ\[[][]YܙH]XY\[\YKX\\H L HY[ܝY[KYYKۋ[YYX[[ܛ][\[[ٛܛH[\Y[&HZ\[BX^[Z^[܈][[ۋ[X\YH\[X܈][[[[[[Z\[YY]Y][ۘ[][\\