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Classes are FREE with your show pass! Dave Diggs Barber Academy W230A Hairbrained W414C Gordon Miller Alfredo Lewis Hairbrained Conversations LIVE: Hb's Gordon Miller with Special Guests SUNDAY 1:00 - 2:00p MONDAY 1:00 - 2:00p Philip Wolff Sofie Pok Arod A "Milly" Social Media Strategies Dave Diggs Tee The Barber SUNDAY 1:00 - 2:00p Join Hairbrained Conversations podcast host Gordon Miller for his always lively and insightful discussions with leading influencers. In this live audience recording of one of the industry’s favorite podcasts, Gordon will be asking the questions you’ve always wanted to be answered. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with your favorite influencers to learn how they have created their paths to success. Sunday: @Alfredo_Lewis & @PhilipWolffHair Monday: @Staygold31 & @arod23pr Ashley Gregory Coaching Forget the Following - The Biz of Instagram Ashley Gregory SATURDAY 1:00 - 2:00p (W221A) W221A & W315B Cultivating a social media presence in the beauty industry has never been more important, but a large following doesn’t guarantee success. If you feel like you’re not using Instagram to its maximum potential for your business, this class is for you. Focus on growing your business instead of your likes. Learn how to: • leverage the power of Instagram to increase client conversion and retention. • take advantage of proven tools and resources to maximize your efforts. • analyze your insights and metrics to drive the results that matter to your business. Email Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Sleeping SUNDAY 2:30 - 3:30p (W315B) Email is the most important marketing tool in the beauty industry’s belt, but it’s often under-used or used incorrectly. Get ready to engage your audience in the place where no algorithm can limit you - in the inbox. • ensure important announcements about your business are actually seen. • increase your open and conversion rates. • build your brand by consistently engaging your clients’ attention. Aaron Flowers How to Build a YouTube Empire MONDAY 11:30a - 12:30p Sponsored by SalonCentric Vice Cutter Do you want to grow your business? Do you have a full grasp on what “social media” is and how it is changing our industry? Do you know how to make a little bit of social media focus pay great dividends? Do you know what it is to develop a social media strategy and to execute it? Do you know if your employees are properly representing your brand in the world-wide social media realm? Learn why you NEED social media and you can’t afford to ignore it. Dave Diggs will break down the three main phases of social media: Content Development, Content Delivery and Social Interaction. Generating over $1k/month from YouTube, capturing 60k subscribers and over 7 million YouTube views, Dave Diggs illustrates how to create a successful YouTube empire and how to get paid from it. In this class, you’ll learn about the intro points to begin your YouTube career, the content creation tools needed to develop dynamic media and the tactics Dave has used to elevate his channel to the next level. See page 49 & 52 for more education by Dave Diggs Barber Academy Katapult Marketing Marketing Makeover - How to Stand Out in A Content Saturated World SUNDAY 10:00 - 11:00a MONDAY 2:30 - 3:30p Antoine Dupont W221A At the core of modern marketing lies two common frustration for most business owners: how do I make my business stand out with all this noise? And how do I stop wasting money every day on stuff that doesn’t work? Sound familiar? Thankfully, there’s a surprisingly easy answer, and it has to do with our collective confusion with sales vs. marketing. In this presentation, Award Winning Marketing Strategist & Expert Antoine Dupont, will show you the tools and techniques for creating remarkable content to get more leads and grow your business. By focusing on quality vs. quantity and bull’s eye research, you’ll learn how to create content people want to watch & read and ultimately do business with you. Most companies waste tons of money every month on stuff that no longer works. It’s time to stop this madness. Antoine will show you how through a series of easy-to-implement, actionable recommendations. See page 29 for more classes featuring Ashley Gregory Let’s Get Social @ premiere orlando 2019 • Stay connected for the latest updates and announcements • Join the conversation, participate in contests and win prizes • Be sure to post your favorite images from the show #PremiereOrlando 75